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February 27th 2021


Brexit regulations for ecommerce 2021

The new Brexit legislation has increased complexity for retailers and in some cases, customers have received unexpected bills for VAT and customs duty, leading to a poor customer experience. If you sell goods to customers in the UK from another country, including EU countries, there’s a lot to consider.

We’ll explore the changes that have occurred, what you need to do, and how THG Ingenuity can support your business.


September 30th 2021


What is internationalisation?

It seems a simple question, but you would be surprised at how often the concept is misunderstood by brands. Read on as we de-blur the lines between internationalisation and globalisation, and details how you can prepare your business to take on international markets.


October 25th 2021


"Good vibes only": Delivering a seamless and positive check-out experince

Between 2019 and 2020, global online spending rose by $900 billion - directly impacted by the global pandemic. And with the acceleration of online activity comes the increased risk of fraud and cyber attacks. Discover the expectations of online customers today when it comes to security, and how you as a brand and help ensure these expectations are met.


November 7th 2021


How can brands deliver authentic customer experiences in the digital future?

It's no news that an online presence has evolved from a convenience to a must-have for brands looking to scale their performance. But how exactly can brands ensure they place themselves in the best position to connect with customers authentically in the digital era? We partnered with StoryStream to lay out the details.


November 23rd 2021


Top tips for peak performance

With 17 years' experience behind us, read our top tips for ecommerce performance on a global scale - from planning ahead for seasonal changes to bit strategy management for paid media.


October 28th 2021 


Chargeback problem? No Sweat, we've got your back!

Did you know that 84% of consumers shopped online more during the COVID-19 pandemic than before? With this comes an increased prevalence of fraud and cyber security risks to online brands. In the second of our fraud series, discover what chargeback is and how you can reduce its presence in your business.


October 25th 2021


How retailers can fight back: preventing refund abuse

In the wake of the global pandemic, more and more consumers have turned to online brands to fulfil their shopping requirements. Yet the increased opportunity this brings to online brands has brought with it also a greater risk to cyber security. In the first of our three-part series on fraud detection, management and prevention, discover the details on refund abuse and how it can be prevented.