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“Good Vibes Only”: Delivering a seamless and positive check-out experience


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of the retail industry. The global online spending increased by $900 billion from 2019 to 2020 and it is estimated that 30% of that spending shift is permanent (Mastercard).  

As online shopping becomes the “new normal,” consumers are more exposed to online fraud and 65% of them say they are more concerned about fraud post COVID-19 (YahooFinance).  

A negative side effect of this digital acceleration has been the significant increase of fraud and cyber-attacks. In fact, customer fraud has seen the largest increase over the last two years, up from 29% to 35% in 2021 (PwC). Meanwhile, 47% say they experienced fraud in the same period – the second highest reported level in 20 years (PwC).  

Consumers have lofty expectations from ecommerce businesses; they want brands to offer contactless experiences, multiple online payment methods, fast orders, and various digital channels to engage with. This surge in digital demand over the past year has strengthened the connection between fraud prevention and the online customer experience. As businesses are adopting new models to satisfy the increasing volume of digital transactions, consumers expectations for easy, secure, and seamless interactions are growing at a rapid pace.  

Excellent customer experience starts with online security and safety

Given the growing number of e-commerce providers, consumers look for digital providers they can trust and that offer a hassle-free and effective online and check-out experience.  

Poor online security payment and personal data are key factors affecting consumers’ purchase decisions. Thus, it represents an important barrier to online shopping adoption.  

“Sixty percent of consumers globally have higher expectations for their online experience, while 55% are saying security is their top priority” (Experian).  

Consumers preferences around security evolve. Today they perceive physical biometrics (74%), PIN codes sent to mobile devices (72%) and behavioural analytics (66%) as the most effective methods and brands can adopt a new approach to security (Experian). Companies that satisfy consumers expectations are more likely to stand out from the competition. For instance, consumers say they abandon a transaction if they must wait more than 30 seconds. This explains the importance of keeping fraud checks fast and seamless. Enhancing security through the customer journey, particularly at the checkout stage, can also increase trust and loyalty towards the brand.  

Many brands collect customer data to offer personalized digital experiences, but they do not adopt effective measures to prevent the risks of stolen data pose to their customers’ privacy. In addition, new legislations which further strengthen consumer protection are imposing penalties for businesses that fail to protect consumer data from all stages of digital transactions. Companies that are be able to offer an easy digital experience while maintaining strong security standards will gain customers loyalty.  

How can Detect help?

THG Detect is our proprietary SaaS platform that identifies and protects against all aspects of fraud and risk online.  

Designed by a global ecommerce retailer for retailers, THG Detect helps brands to guard business data and customer information, enabling them to operate in a safe and global environment.  

It has enabled THG Ingenuity’s parent company, THG, to reduce loss of fraud and streamline the customer experience.  

Powered by machine learning and advanced behavioural analytics, THG Detect can give greater insights into your business and customers, empowering you to accept more orders whilst ensuring security throughout the entire transaction process.  

Dermstore is a skin care and beauty brand headquartered in the US. Since the migration to THG Detect in 2021, Dermstore has been able to drastically improve the checkout experience for its customers and recoup revenue by reducing chargebacks, the percentage of false positives and improving order flow.  

The use of machine learning to automate many aspects of the manual review process contributed to a significant reduction in fraud check delays. As a result, Dermstore experienced more transactions being approved at a faster pace and noticed higher customer satisfaction and retention.  

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