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Driving Digital Transformation:

THG Ingenuity x Homebase

    The changing landscape of retail

    Covid has further accelerated the consumer shift to digital-first within the retail industry, building on the momentum that had already driven tangible change to consumer behaviour. This has compelled retailers to prioritise investment into their omnichannel strategies and capabilities to ensure they maintain engagement with consumers across all channels in a post-Covid retail environment.

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      of consumers said their shopping behaviour is unlikely to revert to pre-Covid routines.

      Omnichannel consumers have high expectations across all touchpoints, with 90% using smart phones while they shop in stores, nearly a third purchasing directly via social media and 90% pre-researching goods online before making a purchase decision. With the lifetime value of omnichannel customers being 1.6x higher than single channel users, there is a huge prize available for retailers that move with this shifting landscape and a significant challenge for those that are left behind.

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        Launch week revenue exceeded targets by +100%

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        Creating a compelling digital proposition

        Consumers' expectations of online retailers have shifted in line with the experiences they have in the real world. As a result, online players must now defy the conventions that have held the online space back for so long by offering:

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        Our solution

        With this in mind, THG Ingenuity has sought to bring inspirational selling to the forefront, placing content at the heart of the customer journey. We set out to create a customer-first, digitally enabled Homebase store based on the following principles:

        Delivering a major platform migration

        THG Ingenuity partnered with Homebase to develop a new website on THG’s proprietary end-to-end ecommerce platform Elysium. This gives Homebase full access to features such as special offer engines, personalisation, AI-driven recommendations and search, and real-time data-driven insight for optimisation. THG Ingenuity also brought specialist digital marketing capabilities in SEO and CRM and innovation to drive customer experience and on-site conversion metrics. Following an accelerated programme of transformation, which condensed an original three-year timeline into nine months, Ingenuity successfully launched the Homebase site and saw an immediate uplift in KPIs compared to pre-migration performance levels:

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        Immediate CVR uplift of 13% with search functionality on-site driving +11% CVR vs search functionality pre-migration


        Conversion rate from customers that engage with key interactive content ‘Shop the Look’ is 28% higher than for customers that do not


        Immediate traffic levels +90% vs previous year and +26% vs pre-migration, maintaining the pre-migration ranking


        Email channel performance rose 92% vs pre-migration, with affiliates delivered as an incremental channel


        Looking ahead

        Following the successful launch, THG Ingenuity and Homebase are working together to optimise Homebase's customer experience on-site and continue delivering new and exciting features and content. The partnership is also focussing on omnichannel optimisation and innovation, with projects including omnichannel fulfilment, EPOS and cross-channel gifting and visual merchandising experiences. 

        Earlier this year, we spoke to Homebase CFO Andy Coleman to discuss how THG Ingenuity is working with the home improvement giant to drive its DTC transformation agenda. 

        Click  here  to watch the on-demand webinar.

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        Next project

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        Partnering with the L’Occitane Group and Elemis to deliver international DTC expansion

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