Engineered to drive business performance, security and efficiency.

With our global footprint of 29 data centres, on demand infrastructure, flexible APIs and high performance network, THG Ingenuity is ready to provide the ultimate hosting performance supported by 24/7 expertise, all fully integrated into your environment regardless of complexity or demand.

100,000 API calls per month

Over 500,000 route optimizations per month

Over 500PB Internet data transit per month

Over 20Tbps total network capacity

Fully redundant premium Cisco hardware

10GbE Premium network in select locations

Fully redundant connections to multiple Tier 1 transit providers in each location

29 global data centres

High performance bare metal servers

As the server experts we never stop investing to maintain our competitive advantage through delivering the highest levels of technology, minimising downtime and increasing scalability to meet your needs.
Factor in 29 data centre locations, enterprise grade firewalls, 24/7 support and 100TB monthly outbound traffic bandwidth, upgradeable to 1Gbps or 1PS on 10Gbps network, and you have the complete package right there at your fingertips.

Global data centre

With THG Ingenuity, you'll enjoy performance infrastructure on a global scale with our secure cloud infrastructure extending across five continents so that, wherever your data needs to be, we make sure it gets there.

Infrastructure on demand

Expanding into new markets? You've come to the right place with our flexible, on-demand infrastructure platform significantly increasing agility and performance.

Totally flexible API

The 100TB API powering our platform ensures success by delivering an unmatched, on-demand hosting experience, while leaving you in total control of your own services.

High performance network

100TB's high-throughput software-defined network eliminates congestion, delivering your service fast with multiple tier 1 transit providers in every location.

High performance bare metal servers

Our virtual servers are loaded with SSD disks and configured in RAID 10 for maximum performance and redundancy. Our comprehensive SLA reduces downtime to a minimum while 100TB's cloud servers are designed to let you focus on your product while we deal with your hosting layer.

SSD Performance

Fast RAID 10 SSD storage ensures maximum performance and reliability.


Enjoy quick and easy changes to your infrastructure through our API, command line or 100TB console.


Our robust and proactively monitored platform is hosted in secure data centres.

Private cloud

Totally isolated with full control over resources, 100TB's High Performance Private Cloud provides a totally isolated environment with dedicated high performance hardware which can be used for everything from housing your virtual machines to storing sensitive data. With a simple development pipeline and optimised use of resources, maximum performance goes hand in hand with minimal optimisation. While high performance infrastructure on demand enables rapid orchestration via the API to meet increased demand. It's just like having your own personal data centre with a network, hypervisors, storage and the whole environment reserved for your own private use.

On-demand flexibility

Your private cloud can be organised in no time through the 100TB Console or the API. The process is automated with servers at the ready for instant delivery.

No prying eyes

Your own private cloud means you can be safe in the knowledge that your data is fully secure and completely isolated. And, of course, having your own personal data centre means the network, hypervisors, storage and control environments are all yours.


Your private cloud has an easy to navigate development pipeline. You can optimise resource usage and balance workloads, making things easier, more efficient and, most importantly, saving you money as your business grows.

Enterprise solutions

We can tailor enterprise solutions to accommodate your needs. Whether your latest product has blown up and your ecommerce store is buckling under the strain, whether you need to stream seamless live video to thousands of concurrent viewers or whether you're dealing with complex data in the cloud, we have the infrastructure solutions to make you breathe more easily.

Industry expertise

It's a constant source of reassurance to know that some of the biggest businesses in the world also run their operations on our infrastructure.

Global infrastructure

Our infrastructure is available globally, across 29 data centers, spanning four continents.


You can get your business up and running in record time thanks to our cutting edge server technology, naturally configured to your needs.

High availability hosting
Cloud hosting

Hybrid, private and enterprise solutions customized to your requirements, supported by THG Ingenuity.


Hyper Cloud combines the best of both worlds, enabling you to maintain mission critical websites and applications on a dedicated server and use the cloud for spikes. While Virtual Internet can create a custom hybrid cloud hosting management solution to meet your requirements meticulously.


With a private cloud, infrastructure no longer needs to be isolated but can be combined into one virtualised resource pool enabling IT departments to build, deploy, and maintain resources much more quickly.


Need a complex cloud solution? THG Ingenuity can provide the infrastructure and solutions you need and provide the necessary support.

High performance dedicated hosting

If you're an SME or enterprise business, we can supply the infrastructure, flexibility and solutions to meet the requirements of both you and your customers.

Managed servers

Every one of our clients has a dedicated sales, engineering and support team with true managed servers so you can focus on what you're good at: your business.

Bare metal servers

The perfect combination: the hardware brands you know and trust combined with our first class network setting a new standard for bare metal servers.

Storage servers

VI can deploy storage solutions to meet the needs of big data and big projects with big performance and high speed all around the globe.

High performance high availability

Businesses like yours need high speed and high availability to maintain competitive advantage. So don't underestimate the ways in which technically advanced and stable IT systems can make the difference in business. 100TB gives you high availability hosting solutions to mitigate any risk of technical failure, avoiding the frustration of downtime.

Solve your problems

You have enough to worry about. Let us take responsibility for your technical challenges.

Tailored service

Around the clock service which is tailored completely to your business and customers. Today's digitally savvy consumer doesn't wait for business hours, so why should you?

Designed for you

Your business is unique. Your IT systems must be agile enough to give you competitive advantage.

US West

Seattle, Salt Lake City, San Jose, Los Angeles, Phoenix

US East

Dallas, Houston, Mexico City, Atlanta, Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, Washington


Toronto, Montreal

South America

São Paulo


London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Oslo

Asia Pacific

Chennai, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne

US West


Salt Lake City

San Jose

Los Angeles


US East



Mexico City



New York City

Washington DC





South America

São Paulo








Asia Pacific




Hong Kong




Each of our data centres provides:

Physical security

All locations feature locked, restricted access cabinets, strict multi-level access control, around the clock digital surveillance and 24/7 on-site detail for ultimate security. Overhead and underfloor VESDA fire protection systems protect your data and keep you online.

Environmental controls

Energy-efficient cooling systems maintain optimum temperatures for hardware longevity and performance. Redundancy is key in any hosting environment and our fully redundant 2.25 megawatt generators guarantee consistent uptime should main power sources experience an outage.

Network infrastucture

Our fully redundant, high-performance global hosting network is built with Cisco hardware and Noction’s intelligent routing platform. We stock only industry-leading hardware and equipment outfitted with multiple power feeds, dedicated generators and battery backups.

Human resources

The THG Ingenuity expert support staff is dedicated to solving problems with transparency and urgency anytime day or night. Answers to your toughest questions are simply a call, chat or ticket away. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to keep your potential unlimited.