Imagination is our self-managed platform enabling you to launch a site within 48 hours.Through the platform you'll have access to our in-house team of experts who are on hand to help you configure and customise a site so that you can carve out a space online that is uniquely yours.

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    The platform built to scale as you do

    With Imagination you can choose as much or as a little of our wider service offering to help your business to grow the way you want it to. As part of our self-managed offering you have full control over the design of your site from navigation to page layout, including the option to update the look of your site at any time.

    If you chose to launch your business online with Imagination, you’ll also have access to our state-of-the-art production on demand facility, which offers you the opportunity to design, create and launch products with personalisation on your site.


    Three steps to go live

    Imagination has a three-step approach to getting your site live.

    Set up

    It's fast and simple to launch an imagination website. You can design the site yourself, or work with our in-house web designers to create a site.


    You can self-select the services you need to operate your website. Choosing just the Imagination platform or enhancing your site with further services across payments, fulfilment, customer services, digital brand marketing, trading, content creation, translation and production.



    Customer services

    Digital brand marketing


    Content creation



    Scalable service options 

    Prior to launch you can work with THG Ingenuity's local market experts to create demand ahead of your site go-live and choose to access THG Ingenuity's Operations network to fulfil global customer orders.

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    Let imagination guide you

    Whatever your business needs from its online presence, whether you're looking to scale, or reach new target audiences, Imagination has everything you need to succeed.


    Businesses looking to scale online

    Imagination is for any business who is looking to grow online and needs more flexibility from their current platform when it comes to scale. As part of THG Ingenuity, Imagination offers brands the opportunity to plug into enhanced features which can grow and evolve, as your brand does.


    New target audiences

    Imagination offers brands the opportunity to reach new customers, through direct-to-consumer ecommerce launching a new site within just 48 hours.


    Business to business

    Imagination's B2B capabilities enable businesses to reach, sell and ship to business to business customers right across the globe.

    Everything you need to succeed

    The Imagination platform has been developed and built by the THG team with 16 years' experience and expertise launching and developing ecommerce sites for global businesses.

    The Imagination platform is integrated with 20 global payment providers and over 100 global couriers meaning that your customers can enjoy a seamless on site shopping experience, wherever they are.

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      Activating the brand across a DTC site

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