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Scaling in global markets

With a completely end-to-end approach across technology supported by a global hosting infrastructure, international fulfilment and a truly localised approach to customer experience, THG Ingenuity has proven experience in delivering seamless cross border commerce for brands looking to internationalise their growth.

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Technology for globalisation

Our technology platforms and integrated SaaS platform features are hosted by our proprietary Hosting network with locations across the globe. Our reach ensured that the performance and capability of your site is maintained delivering a localised customer experience.

Elysium, the ecommerce platform for large-scale business

Elysium is a highly scalable enterpise ecommerce platform that powers all of THG Ingenuity`s enterprise or larger partners

Platform capabilities

  • Core functionality including commerce, personalisation. Digital CMS and THG Detect

  • Extendable services including marketing, trading, global customer support, warehousing, logistics, plus creative and content

  • Bespoke checkout functionality

  •  Bespoke checkout functionality

  • Extensive marketing and data including audience segmentation, testing, loyalty and SEO

  • Global fulfilment and order management

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Imagination, our self-managed platform

Imagination is our self-managed platform enabling you launch a site within 48 hours. Through the platform you`ll have access to our in-house team of experts who are on hand to help you configure and customise a site so that you can carve out a space online that is uniquely yours.

Platform capabilities

  • Create and launch a site within 48 hours

  • Choose as much or as little of our wider Ingenuity service offering as you need

  • Control the design and personalise your site, or work with our in-house web team

  • Access our state-of-the-art production on demand facility

  • Enhance your site with further payment,customer service,marketing and content services

  • Work with THG Ingenuity’s local market experts to create awareness

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Localised delivery services

Ensuring your customers have the option for localised delivery services our global fulfilment network provides same or next day delivery in almost every territory. Through our proprietary airline – THG Air, and our global customer service solution – THG Orbit we are able to deliver and support your customers through each stage of the order journey.

Our network of 16 international Distribution Centres reach customers in complex markets including MENA and across APAC. Within 8 of our international DC’s our proprietary Warehouse Management System to Voyager – powers the fulfilment of some of the world’s biggest brands.

Global Fulfilment

Complete global fulfilment

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THG Orbit

Our award-winning
customer service response

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Our proprietary air-freight

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THG Ingenuity’s proprietary Warehouse Management

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Global service, local knowledge

To deliver a truly localised customer experience we use data from our own network of THG brands to understand cultural preferences and regional nuances to inform our approach to marketing. Our THG Precision teams are comprised of native colleagues from the regions they manage, giving us a unique insight into the trends and preferences of the customers you want to target.

Using proven performance marketing strategies our teams can develop and deliver results across every territory, including in complex markets. Our in-house translation, localisation and transcreation team within THG Fluently have almost 20 years of experience providing expert translation services for brands around the globe. With capabilities in performance linguistics, global translation and editorial content and copy origination, our combined capabilities enable us to deliver hyper-localised global experiences.

  • THG Fluently

    Our expert translation

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    THG Precision

    THG Precision is the precision 
    marketing division of THG Ingenuity

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  • THG Studios

    Creating localised creative content

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Our global distribution centres

Map of Our Global Distribution Centres