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Christophe Robin: Five Sites, 20 Days, and a 125% Uplift in Conversion

In April 2019, Christophe Robin had to re-platform its suite of international sites in a timeframe of 20 working days. After integrating with the THG Ingenuity platform, the brand saw a significant uplift in sessions, revenue, and conversion.

Christophe Robin is a luxury natural haircare brand with more than 70 products across 10 different product ranges. Renowned for its authentic and ethical approach to haircare, its products are formulated with 80% natural ingredients, and are tested without the use of animals. Since its founding in Paris in 1999, Christophe Robin has built up strong global presence, primarily across Europe, Asia, and the US, and is available direct-to-consumer through its own online stores.

The Multi-Partner Headache

After the decision was taken to join the platform in April 2019, THG Ingenuity was required to migrate each of the Christophe Robin locale sites onto the platform within a timeframe of working 20 days. The scope of work involved building five new ecommerce websites, while integrating the brand’s data and digital assets into the Ingenuity ecosystem.

Prior to the acquisition, the group of Christophe Robin locale sites were spread across two different ecommerce platforms: Shopify and PrestaShop. This meant dealing with two distinct data structures when migrating sensitive customer information and promotional data over to Ingenuity. Complicating matters further, the brand was partnered with 5 different third parties for a range of ecommerce functions, including eCRM, digital marketing, and data management.

Creating an End-to-End Solution

A number of factors necessitated the speedy integration of Christophe Robin with the Ingenuity platform. In the first place, it was considered critical that the sites be integrated with the full spectrum of payment methods and courier integrations embedded within the THG Global Solutions’ network. By plugging into Ingenuity’s payment and fulfillment solution, Christophe Robin automatically gained access to 35 payment methods, 101 courier integrations, and THG’s global footprint of 12 distribution centres. In addition, Ingenuity assumed responsibility for the brand’s full trading and marketing operation, ensuring that it was able to take advantage of real-time data – without analytical or third-party lag.

No less important was ensuring that Christophe Robin was integrated with a number of platform features its existing sites were lacking. The utilization of automated order processing, in-house analytics, and integrated customer service support delivered a step change in the brand’s operational efficiency and capacity to scale.

The extent of the migration and integration project demanded the creation of two distinct work streams: the site build and the data migration. Running parallel, both aspects of the critical path were completed within the target timeframe of 20 days.

The Result: 167% YoY growth

Through integrating Christophe Robin with Ingenuity’s “first click to final mile” solution, we were able to decommission five existing third party contracts, and manage the brand’s entire trading, marketing, and fulfilment operation from a single tech ecosystem. This represented a significant reduction in as well as the introduction of consolidated data management for the brand. With Ingenuity’s proprietary software, Hermes, Christophe Robin is now able to collect data from various points in the customer journey, allowing the brand to deliver personalised customer experiences.

As a result of the migration onto Ingenuity, Christophe Robin now operates five locale sites across Europe and North America. The brand has also seen YoY growth of 167% since the acquisition, as well as a broader reduction in operating costs.