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Ingenuity announces new Data Centre added to its global network

High Performance Hosting infrastructure welcomes Frankfurt DC

Ingenuity welcomes the addition of our new Frankfurt Data Centre. To make sure we stay on top, we are constantly thriving to expand and enhance our services to you. Whether your business is a successful mega online retail platform or a cutting edge directory, our technology-based society is constantly growing, as are its needs for increasing resources. Ingenuity’s global network of data centres provides you with more than just capability, it also ensures that data transfer is as efficient as possible. To keep your online business running at lightning speed, our span of 29 data centres over 5 continents ensures the fastest possible path is always available and that bandwidth is not saturated.

The best news about Ingenuity’s network is that it is not only available to our Unicorn clients, but we also provide the same global web of servers to all of our shared hosting clients.

Why is location so important?

The idea is to be everywhere at once. With many companies having international brands with worldwide customers, hosting infrastructure not only needs to be secure but fast. When your website is hosted at a given location, every user request to access it has to travel and the data transfer does take some extra time. Therefore, not only is a global network of data centres important, the route and amount of traffic on that path also needs to be of the essence. To have an impeccable service at your users’ fingertips you need data transfer to be as efficient as possible along the least congested route.

This is not only true for your time zone – a stable online presence must be established everywhere and at all times.

Here are the facts!

Just to give you an idea of how many users the internet has each day, and how much data is sent across it, here goes:

Data created on mobile devices quadrupled to over 8 exabytes in 2017
4.3 BILLION Facebook messages posted daily
5.2 BILLION daily Google Searches in 2017
Users watch 5.97 billion hours of YouTube videos each day

Each single action is an amount of data which needs travel to and be stored at a data centre in the shortest possible time. Can you see the internet highway now?