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THG Ingenuity runs Masterclass in Conjunction with Santander on Internationalising Business

On July 5, THG Ingenuity, THG’s technology division, partnered with Santander to run a masterclass on the subject of ecommerce and internationalisation for businesses.

The masterclass is one of a series of events THG Ingenuity and Santander are running together to address the leading myths surrounding business internationalisation, putting forward digital commerce solutions capable of helping businesses overcome the barriers and obstacles associated with global expansion. Key themes included customer acquisition, international digital marketing, and how to get the most out of real-time data.

An audience of 30 delegates listened to the panel drawing on leading THG brand, Myprotein, to demonstrate how businesses can enter into new markets in an efficient, cost-effective, and highly-targeted manner. A brand of THG, Myprotein has propelled its business operations into 45 markets in less than two years underpinned by THG’s proprietary technology, Ingenuity.

Refined over a decade, THG Ingenuity is a managed service that helps ambitious brands supercharge growth in the digital world. Unlike any other global ecommerce platform THG Ingenuity is a proprietary, fully integrated digital eco-system built for speed, scale and security. Clients include the World’s biggest FMCG clients, global gaming and media giants Nintendo and DMG and Multinational conglomerate Honda.

The day’s speakers included Chris Rogerson, Commercial Director of THG Ingenuity; Becky McBride, Brand and Innovation Director of THG Ingenuity; and THG Ingenuity’s Data Scientist, Richard Allen.

A highlight of the event was Richard Allen’s exposition of the benefits of advanced data. Allen’s presentation focused on how THG uses real-time data to deconstruct the DNA of global audiences and emerging consumer needs.

The talks were followed by a lively Q&A which gave representatives from the banking and FMGC industries the opportunity to learn more about THG’s unique model and unrivalled proprietary tech ecosystem which has been instrumental to the company’s global success.

Speaking at the meet & greet held after the event, Chris Rogerson remarked:
“It was a very productive event, and we were really pleased with the high level of engagement from the attendees. We’re confident that this was the first of many masterclasses we’ll be running with Santander”.

Sukh Nat, Head of Retail & Wholesale Sector, Santander UK commented:
“We are delighted to have collaborated with the multi award winning retailer THG to support UK businesses seeking further insight on internationalisation and building a robust digital strategy. From its own experience of targeting global consumers, THG shared fantastic insights and strategies to support businesses in capturing an increasing share in fast growing online markets, which are also having a greater influence over traditional retail sales. We were able to share our view on the importance of deep, local and sector specific based knowledge to build international capabilities.”