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A THG story

THG Ingenuity is owned by parent company THG – a global direct-to-consumer digital brands group.  
The infrastructure used to power and grow our global DTC brands is the same solution used by our clients across the globe to accelerate their own digital brand growth. Driven by our obsession with innovation, our DTC capabilities are enhanced by continuously developing initiatives to meet the ever-changing expectations of our global customer base. 
This approach means our clients benefit from the continuous improvements we make to our own offering as we look to constantly discover new ways to exceed customer expectations. 

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THG Ingenuity in numbers

Initially launched by two founders as a white label ecommerce provider in 2004. Over the past 18 years, inspired by our clients, powered by our people, and driven by our values, THG Ingenuity has evolved to become the world’s leading end-to-end solution to DTC brand growth. 


global distribution centres


supported currencies


global data centres


integrated payment


square feet of creative content production and studios space


platform updates each year, with zero downtime

Growth powered by our values


Over the past 18 years, THG Ingenuity has launched first-time DTC offerings for brands, developed and manufactured new products, reached new audiences, and entered new markets for our clients – at pace. Our ambition drives us to constantly surpass expectations across our customers, our clients and our own brands.


We have leaders and subject-matter experts across our core end-to-end offering and the categories which we serve. This enables us to stay ahead of the trends and able to guide the right solution for our clients. We also empower each member of our team to take full accountability for the role they play in delivering growth for their area of focus, ensuring everyone at THG Ingenuity demonstrates leadership and expertise.


THG Ingenuity is an ever-evolving solution built to power global DTC brand growth. Our constant optimisation spans across our entire offering, from our proprietary technology platform to fulfilment and digital marketing solutions. Combined with our partnerships with global technology companies, we are enable to offer a best-in-class solution that is agile to complement each client’s unique goals. 


Backed by 18 years of data, our data science teams work in parallel with our strategic consultancy teams to interrogate customer insight, designing agile and sustainable solutions to brand growth. Our data-driven approach, combined with our vast expertise enables us to make multi-disciplinary decisions fast, ensuring all aspects of the customer experience are considered and captured within the propositions and go-to-market strategies we deliver.

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