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Welcome to the Commerce Academy 

The Commerce Academy is a training program designed by THG Ingenuity, with a range of courses built to accelerate the digital and ecommerce capabilities of you and your teams. 
Hosted at our THG Ingenuity campus in Manchester (or at your own office), we’ll provide valuable ecommerce training and upskilling for those teams owning your digital transformation agenda. 

Who is it for?

Our programs have been designed to accelerate skills across all areas of ecommerce, and support you at each stage of your digital transformation, from the early days of establishing a digital presence, to accelerating global growth. 

Our ambition is that following the course, your teams will leave with a clear understanding of the key trends impacting the way you do business in your category, what great looks like and the right behaviors to drive change for your organization, laying the foundations for long-term ecommerce success. 


Our introductory course is designed for delivery teams at the early stages of their ecommerce journey. This specific agenda will help teams to build the foundational skills across all areas of ecommerce delivery. 


Designed for more experienced ecommerce delivery teams and more strategic in nature, this course can be repeated annually to ensure continual upskilling as best practices, customer trends, tools and technology evolve. 


An intimate workshop programme led by THG and Ingenuity leadership teams with your key executives. Tailored to discussing your specific organisation challenges and directive for business change.

Why choose Commerce Academy?

The Commerce Academy programs are designed and delivered by our ecommerce experts – the same experts driving the digital transformation of the brands working with THG Ingenuity.  
Passionate about supporting brands on their unique journeys to growth and success, we will tailor your program of choice to your brand and its goals. Your training will range from presentations, to panels, to live Q&A, with take-away materials and quick-win initiatives set to empower your next digital decision. 

Why THG Ingenuity?

Not only do THG Ingenuity power some of the world’s largest brands websites but we're also brand owners, just like you. We know what it takes to succeed in the world of ecommerce and are committed to empowering brands to succeed in their own digital journey. 
We've spent 18 years building our tech, honing our operations, and developing talent to execute world-leading direct-to-consumer solutions that scale alongside brand growth.  

Learn more about the Commerce Academy