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Our exhaustive suite of proprietary data services allow brands to harness insights and consultancy services from extensive data sets fully owned by you. Designed to provide real-time and hourly updates delivering up to 500 daily reports.

Our packages utilise the data generated by our platform and combine it with the strategic expertise of our data and strategy consultants to deliver informed insights for business, brand and commercial optimisations.

Data strategy & reporting

Our Data Analysts will conduct a full audit of your current data tech stack and reporting capabilities understanding the ability of the current set up in effective measurement of the right performance metrics.

Data Strategy

Data Strategy

Our Data Analysts will conduct a full audit of your current data tech stack and reporting capabilities, understanding the ability of the current set up in effective measurement of your performance KPIs. We’ll also work with you to understand the right performance metrics to monitor to guide business success.

  • Automated reporting to monitor onsite performance and integration into client systems

  • 360 data audit of current set up and reporting capabilities

  • Report configuration

  • Identification of gaps in data

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) set up for tracking



Automated reporting to monitor onsite performance and integration into your systems.

THG transfer of data into your internal system through three routes:

  • ERP data – Using a flat file sent via email (no sensitive information)

  • Web analytics data – via Tableau

  • Consumer data – cannot be sent via standard formats

  • Utilise the standard reporting in place for our platform

  • ERP data – THG uploads to a secure server (SFTP). Client then integrates into SAP

  • Consumer data – must be transferred to a secure server

  • Work collaboratively with THG’s analysts to develop bespoke reports all customised to your needs

  • Raw transfer of data to clients

Customer profiling

Bringing together anonymised client data, THG own brand data and third party data, we can build richer audience profiles for your target segments that open up new and more targeted acquisition and engagement opportunities.

These profiles can then be utilised by the THG marketing team to drive performance via testing with new customer segments.

  • Rich customer profile creation

    Enhance campaign performance

  • Compare audience segments between THG brands and Ingenuity brands vs the overall population

    Secure access to other brands’ data

  • Improve cross-channel marketing insights and attribution

    Create and configure lookalike customer models

  • Expand target audience size

Customer profiling
 Market opportunity analysis

Market opportunity analysis

Understanding the opportunity landscape for global DTC rollout which markets present the greatest opportunity in terms of category awareness, brand awareness and target customer profiles.

Work on opportunities within the current markets to expand out based on customer behaviour, market analysis and consumer feedback. This includes looking at potential for new product development and continuous improvement on the current website.

  • Market analysis and projection

    Backed by THG global brand data

  • Consumer trend analysis

    Strategic recommendations and market proposition

  • Competitor analysis and market mapping

    Globalisation roadmap

Conversion optimisation

Fully integrated A/B testing and optimisation programme delivering results of statistical significance for continuous improvements to your onsite customer experience.

Collaboration with the UX team for opportunities for further A/B tests to continue to improve a customer’s journey on site, using data to prove significance of the improvements.

  • Website performance analysis

    Execution of test plan

  • Marketing performance analysis

    Reporting and recommendations

  • Continuous optimisation test plan

Conversion optimisation
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