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Managed freight services

THG Freight is our freight management solution offering brands access to THG Ingenuity’s vast national and international freight relationships to improve efficiencies and costs in logistics requirements.

Simplified freight management

THG Freight can offer support for all multimodal bulk logistics requirements, and with an established freight team already managing all bulk freight movements, our extended client offering provides additional cost savings and service enhancements.

Global freight solutions

THG Freight is offered as an additional benefit to THG Ingenuity clients utilising our Global Fulfilment solution, as another aspect of our truly end-to-end solution to global brand growth. Our experienced freight teams offer the benefits of our enhanced carrier relationships to our clients, negotiating the most favourable routes and rates across the world. 

Our solution is proven across all global territories and all modes of transport including air, sea and road freight.

Enter new markets at pace and scale

Our freight solution offers partner brands competitive rates, digital tracking of goods and a completely managed service. THG Freight offers clients the opportunity to move stock into countries they may not yet have a presence in, for example, Poland and the USA where we have already established relationships with customs brokers.

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