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Our sustainability 

When it comes to sustainability, we know that real impact needs collaborative, coordinated and collective action between businesses, the public sector and individuals.  
That is why we are leveraging our global scale, our partnerships and capacity for innovation to help accelerate change for others, taking the complexity out of sustainability and supporting other organizations to achieve their goals. 
For many organizations, sustainability can be a daunting topic. THG Eco's goal is to provide straight-forward, uncomplicated and cost-effective solutions to make the complex, simple. 

Windmills in ocean at dawn

Climate action

At THG Eco, we offer a full suite of climate action solutions for organisations to take immediate and long-term actions towards achieving net zero. 
We support organizations to measure their carbon footprints, complete life-cycle assessments, and advise on carbon reduction strategies, data analysis and net zero roadmaps, including science-based target setting, submission and validation. 
No matter how far along your net zero journey you are, we can support with a range of services. We work with organizations of all sizes, from SMEs to multinational companies; whether they are taking their first steps by planting trees or becoming carbon neutral, or ready to set their science-based targets.  
Speak to our team for more information on how we can support your organization towards a low carbon future. 

Diagram showcasing THG Eco solutions

Zero waste

Our waste reduction solutions are tailored to ensure no waste goes to landfill. ​ 
​Working with a range of partners and covering most waste streams, we provide guidance, expertise and practical services to transform waste into resources, either via our own in-house recycling units or through one of our partners. 
Get in touch to hear how we are supporting organizations to maximise the impact of the waste hierarchy and support a more circular economy.

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