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End-to-end IT infrastructure

THG Ingenuity Cloud Services provides bespoke, end-to-end technology solutions that can scale with your business at speed, without technological or geographical barriers. 

We work with leading IT vendors to produce enterprise-grade technologies that empower businesses in various industries across the globe. We have 20 years of experience in hosting, cloud computing and bare metal servers, and have supported the IT requirements of over 130,000 customers globally.  
Our expansive product portfolio includes solutions from dedicated servers and cloud hosting, to managed services, shared hosting packages, and web domains - achieve better performance, agility, and efficiency as you work with us, to cover almost any technology project, anywhere in the world.

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Unrivalled customer service

Our primary goal is to provide excellent customer support and services from first contact to your ten-year renewal. Whether clients contact our 24-hour expert technical team or our solution-centred sales department, exceeding expectation is at the core of our business. 

From expert in-house staff available to configure optimised hosting solutions with precise bandwidth allotments, to our Managed Support teams designed to help you hit the ground running with any of your long-term IT goals. Our outcome-led customer service is designed to help you optimise operations and make the most of your budget without affecting performance. 

A variety of enterprise-level hosting packages 

We have built a hosting foundation to provide the performance you need, powered by our superfast network, global data centre footprint, 10Gbps connectivity, cutting-edge products and low-latency throughput. 

By utilizing our enterprise-grade network of over 50 data centers located in metro markets around the globe, we provide the underlying network infrastructure, hardware and software solutions that power the entire THG Commerce platform, supporting an expansive network of over 160 e-commerce websites for some of the world’s leading brands. 
Our global connectivity allows us to provide higher performing connections with lower latency. From Virtual and Bare Metal servers to Private Cloud and parallel processing supported by GPU servers, our top-of-the-line hardware keeps our clients online and ahead of the market.

THG Ingenuity Branded Servers
Solutions dedicated to your enterprise blue background

Solutions dedicated to your enterprise 

We support websites, large corporations, streaming and video services, large online gaming platforms, machine learning and artificial intelligence, hosting resellers, and many other industries. Account sizes range from small businesses and single deployments to multi-national industry leaders and entire IT infrastructure overhauls. THG ICS is for anyone who needs guaranteed uptime, faster data connectivity, low latency, and better bandwidth options. 

Helping users to harness hosting power

Helping users to harness hosting power

Our bandwidth options allow businesses to partner with us and cut costs when compared to expensive cloud egress fees. Whether you need full pipe unmetered unthrottled bandwidth or are looking to save on bandwidth costs and avoid traffic-spike fees with our 95th percentile bandwidth billing, we can meet every workload. 
Fully supported by experts both day and night, our customers have full access to security options, backup protection, managed support, custom API, and a wide range of software and control panels. So, whether your business needs one or one thousand servers, we can provision and deploy a complete server solution at speed.

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