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DTC Platforms

Our core ecommerce platforms offer solutions for businesses of all sizes whether you require 

a fully managed solution, a self-service option or a brochure site.
Most of our platforms are built on THG Ingenuity’s proprietary technology infrastructure - developed, refined and proven over THG’s 16-year history.


Our Elysium offering spans a completely end-to-

end managed service where we take care of 

everything from the tech stack your site sits on, 

to the global fulfilment, digital brand services and 

data required to power your brand.

THG APP Development

THG App Development is our

 completely end-to-end solution for

 branded app experiences.

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Our Imagination platform offers you the

 opportunity to launch a site in less than 48 hours 

and take as much or as little as you want from our 

end-to-end capabilities with self service

 functionality built in.

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Our Dotable platform offers you the opportunity

 to get online in just four clicks, enabling you to go

 live and get back to running your business with

 transactional or brochure site options.

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Elysium is our fully managed DTC ecommerce platform for Enterprise businesses

  • Full service ecommerce DTC platform

  • Fully managed and dedicated support

  • Full suite of widgets

  • Machine learning technology

  • Built for international scale

  • THG's proprietary platform used by its own brands

For established brands looking to scale or internationalise.


Imagination is a platform offering flexibility for startups and medium sized businesses

  • Self-service platform

  • Fully bespoke and off the shelf website layouts

  • Launch within 48 hours

  • Own your data and analytics

  • Modular service options

For small and medium sized businesses looking to grow.


Dotable is a quick, simple, jargon free website builder and customisable online shop

  • Create a website or online store in minutes with brochure or transactional functionality

  • Dotable auto-builds a site to fit your needs, which can be customised further

  • Add products to your store and publish online with ease

For start ups and early stage businesses looking to get online.

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