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Our end to end tracking process

THG Delivered provides a single, brand tailored system for fulfilment and management of orders. Direct from checkout to the customer’s door, the system creates branded touchpoints at key stages of delivery to engage customers via a streamlined brand-first experience.


    Branded communications at every step

    Once an order has been despatched, branded communications are sent to the customer at key points in the delivery cycle from ‘Order Confirmation’ ‘Out for Delivery’ and ‘Delivered’. This bespoke process enhances the customer experience (CX) and connects both brand and customer during every step of the order/delivery process.

    Part of this bespoke delivery tracking solution is our unique label printing service which further streamlines the delivery cycle for partner brands and their customers.

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    Enhanced customer experience

    As part of THG Ingenuity’s Global Fulfilment network, THG Delivered is available to brands across the globe and is also compatible with THG Orbit; THG Ingenuity’s proprietary global Customer Service platform and service offering. THG Delivered ensures the entire delivery process is branded seamlessly for the customer, enhancing brand awareness and loyalty at each step of the customer journey.

    The benefit of using branded communications to engage the customer throughout the delivery cycle offers increased opportunities for repeat purchases and improved lifetime value rates.


    End-to-end tracking


    Branded customer communications


    Personalised delivery options


    Globally integrated carrier management


    A simplified solution with

    global reach

    THG Delivered is unique in that it houses a completely end-to-end delivery and tracking system in one platform. Companies using THG Delivered will benefit from THG Ingenuity’s global infrastructure and allocation software.

    This provides brands with access to over 1,200 routes to customers globally, covering the most in-demand delivery options in each region.

    All deliveries will follow seamless and fully branded communications to keep customers engaged throughout the order journey.

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