Our proprietary Fraud detection 

THG Detect is our proprietary SaaS platform

 feature that identifies and protects against all 

aspects of fraud and risk online, helping brands

 to protect business critical data and customer

 information. It has enabled THG Ingenuity’s 

parent company, THG, to make significant

 improvements in its fraud and risk detection, 

reducing costs lost to fraud across its portfolio of 



    Global fraud detection

    THG Detect incorporates all key features required to

    detect and report on fraud risks. The technology has

    specifically been designed by THG Ingenuity to support

    retailers and merchants to operate in a safe 

    environment, across the globe, scaling with your brand 

    as it grows. THG Detect is becoming an ever more 

    important SaaS platform solution as global online 

    fraud issues are on the increase, causing merchants

    significant losses.


    Scalable fraud prevention

    THG Detect is a multi-layered, scalable fraud prevention feature powered by machine learning to identify fraud and risk rules combined with many other capabilities to proactively block fraudsters with unmatched accuracy in risk prevention. It enables merchants to operate in a safe environment, stop fraud loss, streamline customer experience and operations and safely scale business in an online environment across the globe. 

    The software helps brands to minimise the manual reviews you have to undertake to understand the risk on your site. It automates decisions giving you greater insight into your business and your customers, empowering you to accept more orders with confidence and minimising sales friction.  

    The key features of the software are:


    Advanced Fraud Protection

    Adaptive Behavioural Analytics

    Multiple Machine Learning models and Flexible Rules Engines

    Device Fingerprinting and identity verification tools

    Experienced fraud professionals


    Substantial reduction in the financial risk of ecommerce sales:

    Reduces the cost of fraud

    Reduces the number of genuine customers caught in a fraud process

    Reducing false positives - customers wrongly rejected for fraud

    Increases order acceptance confidence


    An all in one fraud response platform

    THG Detect has been built and designed by a global ecommerce retailer for retailers, it has a high degree of flexibility to fit into other merchants as a fraud solution. It acts an all in one fraud response platform which is supported by Machine Learning, Flexible Business Rules, Device Finger Printing behavioural pattern analysis and an easy to use interface. 

    The software hosts everything for your brand including all data and transactions ensuring security is captured at every step of the transaction process. It is a proven SaaS technology feature having demonstrably delivered results for THG and now THG Ingenuity clients.


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