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Proprietary production on-demand

THG On Demand is our proprietary on-demand 

production facility which enables brands and 

influencers to launch a product line on-demand, 

maximising trends and emerging market opportunities.


    Maximise market opportunities

    THG Ingenuity clients benefit from our multi‐disciplinary teams, who manage workflow across various departments group wide. One area, THG Studios, process everything from visual content to transcreated services, via THG Flow's seamless workflow management system. Each year THG Studios produces upwards of 130K creative assets through the platform. 

    Whilst THG Flow is currently available to Ingenuity clients, we aim to provide the technlogy as a SaaS platform to new clients in the near future. The platform will integrate with other tools, both within our THG Ingenuity ecosystem and externally. 


    Plan projects, traffic and resource

    THG Flow enables multidisciplinary teams to share and manage information collaboratively across a range of sectors and industries to plan projects, traffic and resource. The software also enables workflow to be fully managed and completely customisable. The built in approval tool allows for correct governance of assets, ensuring quality is controlled throughout. 

    Teams can create their own processes and tickets, allowing collaboration across multiple streams of work and team members ensuring workflow deadlines are met and projects delivered in full.

    Simplified task management

    THG Flow is a trusted and proven workflow management tool used by departments and teams across THG Ingenuity and its parent group THG, to manage an execute the delivery of daily tasks and complex projects. THG Flow's robust backend system, driven by data, powers an audit trail delivering detailed operational reporting.

    THG Flow is connected to a wider suite of marketing technology, capturing the best features of marketing tech to provide a best‐in‐class offering. The proprietary software has also played a major role in the workflow management and growth of THG Ingenuity's partners and THG's own brands.

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