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Creative & brand content

THG Studios is the strategy, brand and creative design content division of THG Ingenuity. We've been creating digital first strategies and effective content to elevate the position of our own brands across digital channels and our own ecommerce sites for 16 years.

Our innovative studios with global locations, can deliver the volume and quality of content required by brands to win in today’s rapidly evolving, digital world.



    Digital solutions for digital brands

    THG Studios works with established brands who require integrated, ecommerce centric, brand building services across digital channels and media. THG Studios ensures that our solutions exceed your customer's expectations and deliver tangible results. Our knowledge and expertise enables us to create content that converts audiences to consumers, maintains brand equity and enhances the customer experience across all touchpoints. 

    Creative services

    Across every aspect of our creative services, we work with you to develop your brand, offering strategic and practical solutions to deliver growth through a pragmatic approach to user behaviour. 

    Whether you’re looking for brand development to take a new product to market, a strategy that is digital by design, or creative content to capture and convert your audience - we have the specialists and expertise within our Studios to ensure your content captures and converts the people you most want to reach.  

    Our Studios services include:

    Brand development

    We have refined a unique range of insight-led solutions to develop brands that transcend channel, platform or market. Whether you’re looking for full brand development ahead of launch, a brand refresh to ensure you enhance or solidify your position in market, or to take your product or service to market fast, we can deliver against your goals.

    Digital Proposition Development

    We partner with brands to develop Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) strategies that build upon your existing proposition and create cut through in a crowded online space. Our bespoke approach utilises THG Ingenuity's broad internal network of capabilities, delivering both brand and customer value beyond Trade and Marketing - combining industry insights, proprietary data, user-research and product innovation with unrivalled creative and production capabilities. As our approach is global - we are also able to define highly robust global, to local DTC strategies. 


    Campaign creation & activation

    We offer a wide variety of strategic approaches to campaign

    development. We ensure your brand will connect with your target audiences and deliver against all communication 

    goals. Our talented and experienced creatives are 

    specialists in developing launch, seasonal, social and tactical 

    campaigns across all digital platforms.   


    Creative content

    We believe in the power of data, backed with relevant, mindful, engaging and intelligent content that doesn’t just sell products, but content that creates meaningful connections between your brand and your audience. That’s why verything we do is driven by real insight, strategic thinking and creative excellence, optimised for the highest return for your business.

    All of our content is managed by our propriety SaaS workflow management platform - THG Flow. THG Flow enables multidisciplinary teams to share and manage information across each stage of the creative and production life cycle, improving visibility and ultimately efficiency across projects.


    We capture consumer attention with powerful imagery which includes:

    High production value

    Developing an ownable look and feel for each brand

    Delivering imagery that works hard across multiple platforms

    Using still-life and models

    Creating trend-driven imagery that’s always relevant

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