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THG Ingenuity's top tips for peak performance


With 17 years’ experience managing peak eCommerce seasons for brands across the globe we spoke to senior leaders across THG Ingenuity to ask their top tips for a successful online peak!

New customer acquisition

A key strategy heading into peak for all brands is new customer acquisition. The ability to attract customers beyond those who’ve already heard of your brand will make a big difference as you look to drive sales.

Celebrate the season

Think about your product offering. Are you making full use of the seasonal period to encourage new customers to visit your site? Are there any developments to your product range, personalisation capabilities, advent deals or gift-wrapping options you can offer to create a seasonal buzz and attract new customers?

Content alignment on & off site

Consider the full customer journey across your seasonal campaigns. Does your brand and conversion creative flow through from awareness activations through to onsite messaging? A continuous, clear message with strong creative across both on and offline channels can help to reassure and reconfirm with new customers the strength of your offer and brand.

Performance media top tips

Make use of automated bid strategies and smart bidding for Search campaigns and use seasonality adjustments to prepare automated bid strategies to expect the Black Friday peak.

Ensure all of your key strategic campaigns and bid strategies are out of the learning phase BEFORE black Friday to ensure best performance.

Stay on top of competitor activity and have contingency offers in place to be able to react to market conditions throughout the day.

Influencing Christmas…

We always advocate for long term influencer strategies so that your creators can build a strong and authentic relationship with their audiences. To ensure you maximise the potential of these relationships during this critical peak period, our top three tips for a successful influencer Christmas include…

Product relevance

Offering your influencers seasonal or gift related products helps to inspire fresh content ideas as celebrations of the festive season commence. Creators can use your products as part of gift list suggestions, or wish list ideas for their audiences.

Go OTT with packaging!

Wrap products in festive, exciting packaging that uses personalisation and localisation to make the unboxing / unwrapping sequence exciting to your influencer’s audience. The more ta da! the moment for the influencer to unbox, the bigger the coverage you’ll receive from their post. As with all things at Christmas, more is more.


During peak it’s always a great idea to re-engage people you’ve previously worked with as their audience has already seen & heard of your brand and has an affinity with the products and services you’re offering. Working with your key influencers gives you the opportunity to offer bespoke discounts to their already engaged audiences.

Power hours

A power hour is a short window in which you can drive an exciting offer for a limited time (even as short as 1 hour) with the goal to drive a high volume of traffic and orders. This can be an opportunity to push a bigger offer due to the limited time it’s live.

- Utilise your CRM to communicate the start of power hour.

- Ensure you keep the offer live for a window before / after power hour to capture extra orders

Create urgency through design and content

- Utilise countdowns to take customers through the conversion funnel

- Utilise short, simple action orientated promotional messaging that encourages action

Champion channels

Review the different channels that you’ve been able to acquire customers so that you can provide relevant communications based on their preferences, providing a journey that is specific to them and their individual needs.

Personalise communications

Use dynamic elements within communications to further personalise customer communications, highlighting relevant products and services based on popular search terms and individual product preferences.

Use existing database to increase audience reach

Utilise existing customer relationships by sending refer a friend offers and discounts to encourage customer growth heading into peak.

Prep, prep, prep

Get your preparation done well in advance of the day itself, build your emails, have your banners ready and offer codes created.  This will let you focus on performance, the competition and reporting on the day itself and hopefully leave some time to enjoy yourself and enjoy the fun of the season!

Always have a plan B

Not every offer or plan will resonate with your audience. Always have a contingency plan to hand to offer alternate offers to your customers to ensure your deliver towards target.

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