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What is Internationalisation? 

Internationalisation vs. Globalisation

Internationalisation may be one of the most commonly used strategies for business growth, but it is also one of the most misunderstood. Naturally, people conflate internationalisation and globalisation, but there are multiple differences between the two.

What is Internationalisation?

Internationalisation is the process of tailoring a product, service or operational offering to facilitate growth into international markets. Globalisation may be the ultimate end goal, with internationalisation one of the tools a business needs to utilise on the journey to get there.

In ecommerce, internationalisation means getting a business to a place where it can successfully trade in different markets via targeted international websites, supported by localised promotion and digital marketing strategies.

Internationalisation requires a sound understanding of cultural nuances and traditions, and of differing market preferences across the globe. Internationalisation is all in the detail, whereas globalisation is the broader end goal.

What is Globalisation?

Put simply, globalisation is the process by which a business brings its brand to the rest of the world. Globalisation is the end result that a company will be aiming for with its internationalisation strategy, but it’s important to acknowledge that this will be an ongoing process.

While ecommerce internationalisation concerns the details around the localisation of a product or website, globalisation concerns factors such as a business’ operations, infrastructure and logistics. Striving for globalisation can mean establishing a physical presence in different locales, employing diverse talent across the globe, and spreading tech, innovation, product development, and production across multiple countries.

Ultimately, globalisation can help a business to gain a competitive edge - not just in its domestic market, but all over the world.

Why Businesses Utilise Internationalisation

Successful internationalisation can quite literally provide a business with access to a world of opportunities. There are multiple reasons why a business may want to employ internationalisation, including:

· Expanding reach into a global market, subsequently leading to an increase in revenue

· Establishing an SEO presence across different markets

· Increasing competitiveness on a global scale by accelerating international growth

· Demonstrating an understanding of the needs and nuances of different locales and audiences across the globe

· To identify new opportunities around the world, particularly across niche markets

· Risk management - taking steps towards internationalisation means a business is no longer dependent on just one market, which may prove beneficial amid unpredictable circumstances

· Gaining access to overseas investment opportunities

How to Prepare Your Business for Internationalisation

As with any new strategy, a business’ ecommerce internationalisation roadmap should be centred around data, research and user feedback; insights should inform strategy at every step of the way.

With limited time and resources, no business can expect to be an expert on international audiences overnight. Partnering with companies with proven experience of operating in the target markets can provide your business with access to these insights, from experts who manage internationalisation projects day after day.

Internationalisation at THG Ingenuity

THG Ingenuity offers a complete end-to-end solution for your ecommerce needs, both domestically and internationally, to bring you closer to your global goals. We have proven success across multiple locales delivering effective international ecommerce site rollouts for clients in the retail, food and beverage, beauty and FMCG sectors.

THG Fluently, part of THG Ingenuity, can manage your business’ translation, transcreation and localisation needs, with access to a network of 6,000 linguists. Our team also encompasses marketing channel experts with first-hand knowledge of international markets and proven experience of launching successful campaigns. Get in touch today to see how we can partner with your brand to help you to reach your global ecommerce goals.

Get in touch today to see how we can partner with your brand to help you to reach your global ecommerce goals.