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Fulfillment in Focus: Emirates

April 29, 2024

20 mins

Tom Killeen, Chief Operating Officer, THG Ingenuity

Dennis Lister, SVP Product and Innovation, Emirates SkyCargo

What do vaccinations, flowers and aeroplane parts have in common? Every second counts when transiting this cargo, and this is the basis for Emirates SkyCargo’s approach to innovation; getting slicker, faster, stronger and leaner to improve cost and time of shipping. Because in a world that is getting more and more competitive, cost savings and time efficiencies are critical not just to survive, but thrive.

In this episode of Fulfillment in Focus, Chief Operating Officer for THG Ingenuity, Tom Killeen, speaks with Emirates SkyCargo's SVP Product and Innovation, Dennis Lister, on innovation, globalization and customer obsession in the world of ecommerce and logistics.

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