The retail landscape is evolving, is your brand evolving with it?

The retail industry is continuing to experience disruption and reinvention at unprecedented speed. A confluence of market trends and increasingly demanding customer expectations has transformed the playing field and driven more consumers to shop online.

In response, retailers across the spectrum are rushing to establish a strong, online presence and constantly exploring what the best set-up for long-term growth in this channel looks like. THG’s platform solution is that set-up.

THG Ingenuity: The platform for scale

THG Ingenuity is THG’s proprietary, end-to-end technology and operating platform that has enabled the group to successfully build and scale its own global, direct-to-consumer brands, including market leaders Myprotein and lookfantastic. The platform continues to power THG’s $1.5 bn annual turnover and now services a growing portfolio of international retailers looking to evolve their brands at scale. It is one of the only platforms that is underpinned by proven expertise as it has demonstrably scaled its own brands globally.

THG Ingenuity: The platform for scale

One completely end-to-end platform

THG Ingenuity comprises access to THG’s international infrastructure and expertise built to address every touchpoint of your customer’s journey...

One completely end-to-end platform

…Our partners benefit from one platform for global warehouse fulfilment, digital content studios and event spaces, an end-to-end proprietary software solution and a suite of in-house consultative and management services that spans trading, marketing and brand strategy.

Having access to this through a single service point in the form of Ingenuity equates to a highly scalable and cost-effective ecommerce model. THG is a consumer goods brand owner after all so, better than any standalone technology, we understand what works online.

Empowering our brand partners to scale globally

Our proprietary technology, extensive brand-building expertise and global infrastructure empower our partners to reach millions of customers around the world with compelling brand propositions.

Ongoing developments to the platform ensure that our partners continue to provide the most optimised experience for their customers anywhere in the world.

Empowering our brand partners to scale globally

Our core values that set us apart

  • Profitable model for online direct-to-consumer commerce
  • Flexible and highly scalable solution
  • Completely end-to-end platform, powered by THG’s global infrastructure and proven brand-building expertise
  • Business intelligence, with a one-business view of your data and insights from the group’s own international businesses
  • Invested in your success, THG succeeds when you succeed, and the same platform powers its own business
  • Benefit from a long pipeline of innovation and continues developments to the platform
Our core values that set us apart

THG Technology

Our fully-integrated platform enables partners to reach millions of people around the world with completely localised brand propostions.
  • PLACEHOLDERInnovative Commerce Platform, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • PLACEHOLDERGlobal Courier, Taxation and Payments Solutions, all Fully-Integrated
  • PLACEHOLDERBespoke Fraud Engines and Monitoring Experts
  • PLACEHOLDERInternational Fulfilment and Warehousing – Proprietary WMS
  • PLACEHOLDERManaged Hosting and Deployment

THG Brand Building Solutions

Access to brand-building solutions and expertise developed over 15 years as THG has built its own brands into global market leaders.
  • PLACEHOLDERManaged Trading and Marketing Services using Exhaustive Platform Mechanics
  • PLACEHOLDERBrand Strategy, Creative Content and Translation Services
  • PLACEHOLDERGlobal Influencer and KOL Platform
  • PLACEHOLDERProprietary CRM and Subscriptions Engine
  • PLACEHOLDERGlobal Customer Services

Powering the brands of the world’s leading retailers

We work with a range of leaders across the global retail sector to scale their brands direct to consumer.