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Case studies from THG Ingenuity

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Case Studies


Digital transformation

Klean Athlete's Explosive DTC Growth with THG Ingenuity

Personalized bundles, frictionless journey and targeted campaigns fueled Klean Athlete's explosive DTC success. Partnering for global reach, they reduced costs and expanded across Europe.


Learn their winning formula in this case study.







Case Studies


Digital transformation

THG Ingenuity Drives Growth for No.7 in the US and the UK

No.7 boomed online with THG Ingenuity’s help. Brand awareness in the US and marketing channel optimization in both markets led to higher engagement, loyalty program success, and overall revenue growth.


Read the full case study for their digital success story.






Order volumes

Published April 10, 2024

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Case Studies



Myprotein’s £1M to £125M Journey with Localized NPD

Myprotein conquered Japan in six years, becoming the #1 foreign sports nutrition brand. Leveraging data, they created flavors Japanese consumers loved, boosting sales and customer engagement.


Discover their secrets to cultural adaptation and international success in this case study.




market leader


customers engaged

Published March 4, 2024

Three Vital Proteins products and a chemex coffee on marble worktop

Case Studies


Vital Proteins – A Day Bigger Than Black Friday

THG Ingenuity helped wellness brand Vital Proteins amplify the positive effect of being featured on ITV's This Morning, with sales increasing 1,026% compared to the previous day. Learn how we did it in our latest case study.


new daily users


sales vs daily average


transactions vs. previous day 

Published February 2, 2024

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Case Studies


Digital transformation

Bimuno Doubles Subscription Rates With THG Ingenuity

Explore the journey that allowed the subscription-based wellness brand increase its direct-to-consumer (DTC) presence all while continuing to empower individuals to lead healthier lifestyles in this case study.


increase in revenue over three months


subscription churn rate


conversion rate

Published January 30, 2024

Group of multiple Perricone MD skincare products on white background

Case Studies


Perricone MD Saves 42% on Tech Costs by Re-Platforming to THG Ingenuity

By migrating to THG Ingenuity's complete commerce platform, beauty brand Perricone MD was able to simplify its supply chain, technology and digital services into one.

As a result, the brand was able to reduce the percentage of its net revenue absorbed by technology costs.

See how much Perricone MD saved by partnering with THG Ingenuity — and the benefits it can unlock for your brand as well.

Published October 24, 2023

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Case Studies


Cult Beauty Sees a 30% Boost in Conversion Rates After Re-Platforming to THG Ingenuity

Following the 10-week-long migration to THG Ingenuity's complete ecommerce platform, Cult Beauty registered an increase in average order value, a boost in conversion rates, and a quicker page load time.


The beauty retailer continued to reap the benefits of the digital platform on Black Friday when the influx of customers is difficult to handle.


Check out the infographic below if you’re curious about how THG Ingenuity can help fuel the growth of your business, too.

Published June 20, 2023

Elemis skincare product and apricot on clear block

Case Studies



Delivering International DTC Expansion: THG Ingenuity x ELEMIS

ELEMIS partnered with THG Ingenuity in 2020 to expand its DTC operations to new markets, launching 16 new sites across Europe and APAC in just 10 months. Find out how the skincare brand did it in our case study.


months to deliver a 5-year expansion plan


sites launched across the world


new customers in EU markets since launch

Published May 24, 2022

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Case Studies

Reducing Online Fraud: Dermstore x THG Ingenuity

Dermstore, a leading skincare brand, recovered £1.5 million in revenue in just six months with THG Ingenuity's fraud detection solution.


reduction in fraud check delays


reduction in chargeback rate


reduction in false positive rejection rate

Published March 9, 2022

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Case Studies

Digital transformation


Digital Transformation: THG Ingenuity x Homebase

Read how THG Ingenuity created a customer-first, digitally enabled store for the home improvement giant and helped them achieve a 13% increase in conversion rate and 90% YoY rise in traffic.


immediate CVR uplift


immediate traffic performance YOY


email channel performance vs. pre-migration


over target revenue for launch week 

Published March 9, 2022

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