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Vital proteins


Vital Proteins – a day bigger than Black Friday  

Ingenuity Commerce helped wellness brand Vital Proteins amplify the positive effect of being featured on ITV's This Morning, with sales increasing 1,026% compared to the previous day. Learn how we did it in our latest case study.


new daily users on site


sales vs daily average


number of transactions vs. previous day

Vital Proteins is the go-to destination for collagen supplements designed to support your wellness, offering collagen powders and capsules that provide an easy, convenient way to help boost the body’s collagen supply on the go. 
In 2020, Ingenuity Commerce partnered with the brand to launch an international expansion project. Vital Proteins' first Ingenuity Commerce direct-to-consumer (DTC) site went live in December 2020, followed by further localized sites for the French, German, Dutch and Australian markets during 2021. 
Vital Proteins utilise Ingenuity Commerce's proprietary technology stack and management services across ecommerce trading and marketing, also accessing broader end-to-end functionalities in fulfilment. 

An immediate impact
After featuring on This Morning, Vital Proteins experienced immediate results across key KPIs:


sales vs. previous day


sales vs. YTD daily average


new daily users on the site


number of transactions vs. previous day


CVR vs. previous day


database sign ups vs. previous day

Vital Proteins X ITV’s This Morning

In August 2022, Vital Proteins was featured on the popular British TV show This Morning, and the brand witnessed record sales as a result. An ITV representative reached out to Vital Proteins via the live chat feature on their THG Ingenuity managed website to request product samples for a feature in the show's ultimate guide to collagen’ segment, and in less than 24 hours, samples had been sent to the ITV studios. THG Ingenuity identified the opportunity this could present for the client and worked at pace to turn it into notable results.  
Anticipating an increase in sales following the TV feature, THG Ingenuity planned website and marketing channel optimizations. This included paid media content creation, adding This Morning interest-based audiences to paid social targeting, designing bespoke banners for the UK site and sending out a post-show dedicated email.  

In just one hour, Vital Proteins recorded record sales, delivering a 350% uplift in sales across the full day compared to the sales recorded across the whole of Black Friday 2021.  

"A fantastic achievement by Vital Proteins and Ingenuity Commerce teams! Well done! The team were proactive in bringing the opportunity to us, optimizing our performance marketing and ultimately responsible for delivering the incredible results. Thank you!"

Phil Eustace

Nestlé Health Science DTC Lead

vital proteins

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Vital Proteins – a day bigger than Black Friday

THG Ingenuity helped wellness brand Vital Proteins amplify the positive effect of being featured on ITV's This Morning, with sales increasing 1,026% compared to the previous day. Learn how we did it in our latest case study.

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Sales vs daily average


# transactions vs previous day

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