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speaker photo from an on demand FoC webinar about The End-To-End Value of DTC, A Mondelez Case Study


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The End-To-End Value of DTC: A Mondelez Case Study

Explore the world of DTC with our case study webinar featuring Tom Slade, Global Head of DTC Ecommerce at Mondelez, and Tony Brown, Account Director at THG Ingenuity.

Tom Slade, Global Head of DTC Ecommerce - Mondelez

Tony Brown, Account Director - THG Ingenuity

This is your opportunity to gain insights into Mondelez's DTC journey, evolution of their strategy, and the untapped value creation potential they've unlocked through their collaborative partnership with THG Ingenuity.

Whether you're a seasoned DTC player or just starting to explore this domain, this webinar promises to shed light on the immense value and opportunities DTC can bring to your business.


  • Why Mondelez chose to focus its efforts on DTC.
  • How its DTC journey – and its priorities – changed over time.
  • How the brand managed the challenges it faced along the way.

Discover how Mondelez has harnessed the full end-to-end value of DTC, leveraging its partnership with THG Ingenuity, in this webinar.

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This session may contain strong language.

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