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App solutions to drive results

Delivering an enhanced customer experience, 

THG App Development integrates both your

brand and ecommerce site seamlessly, nurturing 

customer loyalty and increasing revenue, with 

solutions available to THG Ingenuity clients from 

early 2021. 


Delivering an enhanced customer experience

As the participation of mobile traffic continues to rise, demand for elevated mobile experiences is a firm priority for many retail brands, including those owned by THG. 

We've launched mobile apps for 16 brands in under 4 months with over £20m revenue generated across 1.25m total users since launches in Q4 last year. 


Best in class App solutions

In owning a branded app, retailers maintain brand equity and can curate engaging and custom functionality to accelerate customer retention rate. Take advantage of push notifications as an extension to your communication strategy and increase brand presence with additional share functionality across product pages. 


Seamless cross channel ecommerce

Building upon our Elysium platform, our App Development capability includes specific design functionality to ensure your app is completely personalised and creates a distinct experience from your ecommerce site whilst maintaining core performance principles across dwell time and conversion rate.

Our App Development solution ensures experiences are fully localised for global markets pulling all transcription elements from our translations and content divisions, THG Fluently and THG Studios, with complex functionality considered such as right to left site design, tailored to the MENA market.

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