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RETAIL     CASE STUDIES / 21-10-2022

Vital Proteins – a day bigger than Black Friday

Ingenuity helped wellness brand Vital Proteins amplify the positive effect of being featured on ITV's This Morning, with sales increasing 1,026% compared to the previous day. Learn how we did it in our latest case study.

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RETAIL     CASE STUDIES / 11-10-2022

Bimuno doubles subscription rates with Ingenuity

Food supplement and wellness brand Bimuno partnered with Ingenuity to increase their direct-to-consumer (DTC) presence. Learn how they grew their revenue by 81% over three months in our new case study.

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THG Detect X Dermstore

With £1.5M revenue recouped within the first six months of using THG Detect, discover the success skincare brand, Dermstore, have experienced working  with Ingenuity's proprietary fraud detection platform.

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Delivering international DTC expansion: Ingenuity X Elemis

The skincare brand partnered with Ingenuity in 2020 to expand its DTC operations to new markets, launching 16 new sites across Europe and APAC in just 10 months.

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Homebase agree 10 year digital transformation partnership


Driving digital transformation: Ingenuity X Homebase

Read how Ingenuity created a customer-first, digitally enabled store for the home improvement giant and helped them achieve a 13% increase in conversion rate and 90% YoY rise in traffic.

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Homebase agree 10 year digital transformation partnership


DTC activation: Ingenuity X Rare Games

Discover how Ingenuity helped the Microsoft-owned brand launch its own DTC site to deepen the relationship with its customers and offer them a more immersive online shopping experience.

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