Our award-winning customer service response

Offering an integrated approach between our 

proprietary customer service platform and 

dedicated customer service team across 30 


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    Completely integrated customer service

    THG Orbit is our complete global customer support solution, incorporating every aspect of customer service to create a seamless experience for both your internal customer services team and your customers.

    The solution has been designed to eliminate the use of multiple platforms by integrating every aspect of global customer service into one end-to-end system.

    The platform consists of a suite of applications which enables the customer service representative to engage in a modular section of the platform, whilst providing a holistic view of customer service for management.


    Scales to support your growth

    The flexibility of THG Orbit means the platform can either be offered as a self-managed option embedded into our end-to-end e-commerce solution* or asystem managed by our experienced 

    THG Orbit team.THG Orbit has been an early adopter of instant messaging channels preferredby customers, including Apple Business Chat and Whatsapp. These channelsenable customers to be conveniently reached, with ease of communicationalways at the core of our approach.

    Using machine learning (ML) integration and reporting genius to createcustomisable dashboards to monitor performance, the platform supportscustomer communication channels across:




    Telephone and social media integrations




    Local language support across multiple regions


    Machine learning


    Streamline your customer service

    THG Orbit has been designed specifically for retailers, ecommerce businesses and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands with a local market or global presence who are looking to streamline their customer service solution. The solution can be designed to suit different requirements depending on the size and scale of your customer service requirements.

    An award-winning customer service solution

    THG Orbit is a government accredited and award-winning customer service solution that offers a complete solution to multi-channel, 

    global customer service, incorporating an unrivalled suite of products across the customer service landscape.


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