THG Ingenuity’s proprietary Warehouse Management System

Voyager is THG Ingenuity’s proprietary 

Warehouse Management System (WMS) that has

 been key in the exponential growth of THG's own brands. 

The technology has been built and designed by ecommerce experts to support and deliver 

excellence throughout end-to-end operational



    Global WMS

    Operating in 10 fulfilment centres across three 

    continents, Voyager is integrated with over 185 

    carriers across the globe.

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    10 fulfilment centres


    3 continents


    185+ carriers


    Maximise results through data

    Voyager enables operational teams to achieve more with less, using optimised processes to maximise the effectiveness of time and resource.

    Improve performance rates by utilising the power of Machine Learning (ML) and data science techniques that make use of our vast computational resources.

    Voyager is designed, improved and optimised using real-world data to justify and direct the optimal improvements available. The WMS is available as part of THG Ingenuity's complete managed fulfilment solution, or as a stand alone SaaS platform.


    Built for scalibility

    The microservice based architecture can scale with the growth of your business from a small dispatch operation to millions of units per day.


    Continual optimisation

    Voyager’s prioritisation algorithms automatically adapt to deliver optimised pick paths into premium delivery types and courier routes.


    Connect with vendors

    Voyager supports interaction with several vendors of warehouse automation and can easily be expended to connect to your automation vendor of choice.


    Rapid deployment

    The Voyager professional services team are experts in quick deployments; from signature to dispatch in weeks, not months.


    Inventory track & trace

    Voyager’s unique stock track & trace system gives you online access to all up to date inventory reports.


    In-built hosting

    Voyager is hosted by THG Hosting and each installation is independent to maximize your uptime and return on investment.


    Warehouse management for businesses of all sizes

    Voyager is for all businesses looking for a WMS to support their fulfilment requirements, whether that's in one market or across global territories. We ship products that cross all sectors from our current Distribution Centres from pet food to bikes, so whether it's a bulk order or single pick Voyager can find the solution.


    Global operations

    Our proprietary WMS enables businesses to reach a global customer base. With an established presence across 10 international sites, and further roll out plans across complex markets, Voyager is an ideal solution for efficient global fulfilment.


    Simplified fulfilment for Enterprise

    Voyager plays a key role in our enterprise level end-to-end Ingenuity offering and as part of THG’s overall global fulfilment solution. Our proprietary WMS integrates seamlessly with our technology platforms, delivering through peak times and across international markets.


    SMBs looking to scale

    As our proprietary WMS, Voyager provides the foundations of our ever-expanding fulfilment network. A system with a proven record in delivering through peak retail periods, Voyager delivers as your business continues to scale.

    Voyager in our Omega Distribution Centre

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