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THG Ingenuity x Clearco partnership

THG Ingenuity has partnered with Clearco, a fintech capital provider for online companies and world's largest ecommerce investor, to provide their customers the opportunity to scale their business even further through seamless cross-border commerce. 

Together, Clearco & THG Ingenuity can offer brands the funding, infrastructure, expertise and support to ensure your business succeeds in its growth and internationalization plans.

Watch our partner livestream here 

About Clearco

Clearco is one of the world’s largest funders for ecommerce businesses, offering a founder-friendly approach to capital solutions for ecommerce, mobile apps, and SaaS. 

For brands looking to grow outside of their home market, THG Ingenuity has mastered a profitable, and agile solution to internationalisation, enabling brands to reach customers across the globe with hyper-localised shopping experiences. 

Investments range from $10K to $10M and are designed to help you scale your company while maintaining 100% ownership and control.  

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Clearco offers a number of different products to support all types of founders, including:

ClearCapital - Marketing and Inventory funding for e-commerce founders

ClearRunway - Non dilutive, no strings attached. Flexible financing for growing SaaS companies

ClearAngel - Giving early stage founders access to capital, data-driven advice, and Clearco’s extensive network of apps, agencies, and investors

ClearPartners, ClearValuation & ClearInsights - free tools to help you track, scale and quantify your business.

Seamless cross-border commerce

Offering brands access through a single service point, Ingenuity equates to a highly scalable, cost effective ecommerce model global direct to consumer commerce.

  • An end-to-end proprietary software solution built to operate and scale retail brands

  • A global fulfilment network reaching 170 shipping countries

  • State-of-the-art digital content studios and luxury event spaces

  • Suite of in-house consultative and management services that spans trading, marketing and brand strategy

  • A completely data driven approach, offering you full access to operational data

Completely end-to-end

THG Ingenuity has captured everything required for seamless cross border commerce and international brand growth.

Completely end-to-end

Powered by THG’s global infrastructure and proven brand-building expertise

Flexible and highly scalable solution

Our platform grows seamlessly with your business

Bottom line approach

We've mastered a profitable model for online Direct-to-Consumer commerce

Invested in your success

THG succeeds when you succeed, with the same platform powering our own development

Ready to get started with Ingenuity?