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Our proprietary air-freight solution

In April 2020 THG announced the launch of THG Air, a two-phase solution to THG’s strong international sales growth and as part of the cross border commerce solutions available to THG Ingenuity clients.

Forming part of THG Ingenuity’s global fulfilment infrastructure

THG Air forms part of THG Ingenuity’s global fulfilment infrastructure as its proprietary air-freight solution, designed to significantly reduce global shipment times across the APAC region, as the initial target continent upon launch. THG Air will offer partner brands the opportunity to distribute goods via its own airline in early 2021.

THG Air represents 18 months of investment into the THG Operations service pillar, offering brands a completely end-to-end solution across global fulfilment and its 16 international distribution centre network powered by THG Ingenuity’s proprietary WMS, Voyager, its integrated courier and freight network, global customer services via THG Orbit, a unique tracking and labelling printing system via THG Delivered and capability across product manufacturing in beauty and nutrition, packaging and print on demand.

  • Voyager WMS

    THG Ingenuity's proprietary WMS

  • THG Orbit

    Global customer services

  • THG Delivered

    Unique tracking and delivery communications

  • THG On Demand

    THG Ingenuity's on demand production solution

A significant partnership with Singapore Airlines

In the lead-up to the official launch of THG Air, THG Ingenuity has launched a significant partnership with Singapore Airlines to charter a series of more than 200 flights after a successful trial period at the start of 2020. The partnership enables THG to meet increasing demand on international shipments without reliance on scheduled passenger services.   

THG Air offers THG Ingenuity clients specific routes into Asia, enabling the continuous operation of a brands’ supply chain. This air freight solution connects THG Ingenuity's vast network of product manufacturing and distribution centres across the globe.

Seamless cross border commerce

Operating a proprietary airline enables THG Ingenuity to reduce global shipment times, and further improve network efficiencies for its partners.

Expedited by the global COVID-19 pandemic, THG Air will allow THG Ingenuity to maintain cross border operational solutions with greater consistency and predictability, reducing reliance from third party air freight providers.

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