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The premier fraud management platform

An award-winning fraud management and detection platform built by ecommerce experts, for ecommerce brands. Maximize your revenue and block fraudulent orders, whilst enhancing your customer purchase experience with precision fueled by two decades of experience in ecommerce and innovation.

The premier fraud management platform
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81% reduction in chargeback rate
£1.5 million recouped in revenue 

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Minimize false positives and maximize your revenue

Minimize false positives and maximize your revenue

The platform combines machine learning fraud detection technology, behavioral analytics, and known fraud database with custom rules to capture the nuances of your brand and trends unique to you, to precisely detect high-risk orders and keep only actual bad ones out” to “block only actual bad ones.

Key features: 

  • Multiple machine learning models and dynamic rules engine 
  • Advanced behavioural analytics 
  • Device fingerprinting and identity verification tools 
  • Experienced fraud professionals”

“We acquired Cult Beauty and we implemented THG Detect replacing an existing fraud platform. In nine months, our fraud order rejection rate was reduced by 83% meaning £2.4Mil in extra revenue all whilst keeping our chargeback rate lower than the incumbent supplier. I have no hesitation in saying that THG Detect has been a key enabler of our profitable ecommerce strategy”

Racheal HorsefieldCEO – Beauty, THG

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83% reduction in rejection rate to 0.53%
£2.4 million additional revenue  

Shield your business from all angles

Fraud can take on many forms - here are some examples of what THG Detect can help protect your and your customers against.

Online payment fraud

The most common type of fraud which can take several forms. These can be split primarily into two areas. 

  • Identity fraud whereby fraudsters use another person’s information to submit an order.

  • Fraud through which a customer alters an order and denies knowledge of the purchase.

Return & policy abuse

Currently on the rise, there are several types of return and policy abuse ranging from falsely claiming damaged or missing items to reporting an order as undelivered. Policy abuse can include promo and referral code abuse, with customers creating fake accounts to get the maximum discount available.

Both return and policy abuse when left unattended can have a severe impact on revenue and sales analytics.

Marketplace fraud

Fraudsters can create multiple seller accounts on marketplace websites and list nonexistent items usually at hugely discounted rates versus the product’s market value to attract victims. 

Account takeover

Fraudsters can take control of a genuine customer account to facilitate fraud resulting in not only financial losses for you and your customers, but also in damaged brand reputation and customer loyalty. 

Fraud ring networks

An organized group of individuals working to defraud ecommerce companies. With networks ranging from two individuals to hundreds of members, this is one of the most complex fraudulent activities to detect and only a multi tool platform like THG Detect will be successful in putting a stop to this type of fraud. 

Gain full control of
your orders 

Visualize the information that matters with enriched data including IP address, extensive known fraud and a known fraud trend, and reap the benefits of accurate fraud management powered by the best of both AI and human expertise

Gain full control of your orders
Trust an award-winning fraud management solution

Trust an award-winning fraud management solution

The technology behind THG Detect and its ability to provide leading real time risk analysis for ecommerce brands worldwide has earnt nominations and awards from the industry, with the platform being awarded the Most Innovative Online Solution of 2020 and again in 2021 at the National Retail Risk Awards. 

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Grow your business without fear of fraud