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Our proprietary fraud detection platform

THG Detect is our proprietary SaaS platform that identifies and protects against all aspects of fraud and risk online. 

Our tool is powered by machine learning to identify fraud, enable merchants to operate in a safe environment, and deliver a seamless buying experience by allowing customers to transact with confidence. 

The key features of the software are: 

• Multiple machine learning models and dynamic rules engine 
• Advanced behavioural analytics 
• Device fingerprinting and identity verification tools 
• Experienced fraud professionals

THG Detect users see a substantial reduction in the financial risk of ecommerce sales due to: 

• Consistently increasing order acceptance and customer lifetime value 
• Reducing the number of genuine customers mistakenly rejected for fraud 
• Delivering a seamless and friction free buying experience 
• Maximizing revenues with a 100% chargeback guarantee 

THG Detect x Dermstore

Dermstore is a skin care and beauty e-commerce site headquartered in the US, since Dermstore went live in early 2021 using Ingenuity’s proprietary fraud platform, THG Detect, the brand has been able to recoup lost revenue, reduce online fraud and enable their customers to transact with confidence.
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Global fraud detection

The technology has specifically been designed by THG Ingenuity to support the world’s largest retailers across the globe, scaling with your brand as it grows.
THG Detect is becoming an ever more essential SaaS platform as global online fraud issues are on the rise, causing merchants significant losses. 
  • 70+ retail brands are using THG Detect
  • Serving clients in more than 170 countries worldwide
  • Monitoring billions of dollars in e-commerce transactions every year
Retail Knowledge 2021 Fraud Awards Winner Logo

An all in one fraud response platform

THG Detect was awarded as the Most Innovative Online Solution of 2020 and again in 2021 at the National Retail Risk Awards. This exemplifies how our cutting edge technology is able to provide real time risk analysis for e-Commerce merchants worldwide.

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