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Elevate FMCG shopper's journey

Craft engaging experiences that drive sales

From launching globally to data-driven NPD and exclusive collabs, our solutions seamlessly fuel innovation and unlock convenience, bridging the offline-online gap for your brand's full potential.

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Hear from our customer Kraft Heinz:

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Reimagine your FMCG brand with DTC

Ditch the "DTC vs. Retail" battle. Our experts help you build a collaborative ecosystem where your digital channel informs and strengthens your retail presence.

Utilize our expertise for optimized listings, central management, and data-driven insights. This fosters a mutually beneficial relationship, boosts brand reputation, and unlocks unique experiences for loyal customers, driving sustainable growth with minimal risk.

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Fuel innovation with NPD

Leverage ecommerce data for consumer insights and develop targeted products through co-manufacturing or contract manufacturing.

This reduces upfront costs, boosts agility, and frees you to focus on core strengths, leading to increased profitability and adaptability in a dynamic market.

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195 markets, 1 streamlined solution

Forget local networks and deliver effortlessly with us, your global operations partner. We offer standard delivery in 1.6 days*, 24/7 operations, UK next-day delivery**, eco-friendly and same-day delivery options***.

Expand faster, sell smarter, build trust worldwide with THG Ingenuity.

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Speak to our fulfilment experts
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“We believe that DTC can help elevate the brand, and drive engagement, and we’ve seen a lot of success on that over the journey after partnering with THG Ingenuity. DTC had an impact from a commercial perspective: we were up 250% on Valentine’s Day vs. the previous event; on the brand side, our first-party data acquisition was up 700% vs. the prior year.”

Tom Slade, Global Head of D2C Ecommerce at Mondelez

Vital protein

Vital Proteins

THG Ingenuity fuels 1,026% sales gain for Vital Proteins after being featured on This Morning.

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Bimuno product


Bimuno saw a +100% increase in subscribers within five months of launching on the THG Ingenuity platform.

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