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Digital transformation


A Strategic Approach to DTC

When it comes to what's at the top of CEOs' agendas, 25% agree that advancing digitization is a business-wide priority between now and 2025.

But with retail ecommerce sales projected to reach $8.1 trillion by 2026, why aren't even more brands capitalizing on the opportunity of digital commerce by placing digital expansion at the top of their agenda? 

June 15, 2023

45 mins

Traditional complex, costly approaches to ecommerce coupled with a high pressure economic environment has brands shying away from their digital potential.

Ingenuity Commerce's strategy experts, along with special guests from Mondelez and Myprotein, here discuss the strategic approaches to reduce the complexities and costs of digital commerce expansion.

Whether establishing your digital proposition, or planning for expansion into multiple markets, this panel discussion explores the trends and tactics that will unlock your brand's growth potential, including:

  • How to lay the foundations for digital proposition and strategy development
  • The role of the consumer in strategy development
  • How to maximise your brand's potential for long-term success