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Digital transformation


Bridging The Gap Between Brand & Performance

Brand and performance are often perceived as separate, clashing elements rather than a part of the same thing. Learn how you can bridge the gap between them and begin to dispense with this notion.

June 1, 2021

90 mins

Without a strong direct-to-consumer offering, brands will increasingly struggle to compete.

New digital-first market entrants have blown categories wide open and well-established brands have turned their attentions to an area delivering the highest growth. Everything associated with DTC is governed by a notion of performance, but how important is brand in all this? What does good performance look like? What is the right balance between the two?

Whilst finding the right balance is important, we believe it isn’t the first job that needs to be done.

Brands must first learn to bridge the gap between brand and performance and begin to see them as part of the same thing as opposed to two separate elements that jar against each other.

In this session we will hear from both sides of the fence, giving you practical advice on how you can bridge the gap between brand performance, how you can begin to dispense with the notion that they are two separate entities.

What we will cover:

  • Why there is a need to bridge the gap between brand and performance
  • How to build your brand in an age of performance
  • What makes for a strong performance strategy
  • The benefits that bridging the gap will bring to your marketing efforts

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