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The Loyal Consumer: How Brands Can Drive Loyalty Through Social Creators

Is influencer marketing here to stay? How can creators drive brand growth through authentic consumer relationships? Hear all this and more in this on-demand panel session from THG Ingenuity.

October 27, 2022

30 mins

With huge shifts in customer expectations, how can brands work with social creators to develop long-term authentic relationships, supporting audiences to become loyal customers? 

Hear from our expert panel of specialists, including social media influencer Beth Bartram, as we dive into the power of social creators in connecting brands to consumers at scale and answer questions including:

  • How and why have brands shifted their approach to influencer partnerships this year? 
  • Is it possible to measure the commercial impact of the trust that can be built through authentic influencer relationships? 
  • Is influencer marketing here to stay, and what can it offer when it comes to a long-term approach to brand building? 

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