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How to Build and Maintain a Culture of High Performance

In today's hyper-competitive business landscape, the pursuit of excellence is paramount. Whether you're on the field or in the boardroom, the principles that drive high performance are remarkably similar.


1 hour

Jake Humphreys, Co-host of The High Performance Podcast
Damien Hughes, Co-host of The High Performance Podcast 
Hosted by Vivek Ganotra, CEO - Ingenuity

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"If you spend your life climbing, make sure the view at the end is worth it."

What does high performance mean to you? Across the 250+ episodes of The High Performance Podcast, hosts Jake Humphreys and Damien Hughes have never had a consistent answer.

From creating a culture of optimism to bringing your brand's purpose to the centre of everything you do, Ingenuity's CEO, Vivek Ganotra, takes a deep dive with Jake and Damien into the significance of building and maintaining a high-performance culture that breeds excellence. 

Bringing together experiences and stories from the sporting world, personal lives, corporate environments and special guests from over the years, discover the strategies and tactics employed by top-performing teams, and gain valuable insight on how to outperform your competition in this on-demand panel discussion from Ingenuity. 

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This session may contain strong language. 

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