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The Future of Commerce: Closing Panel

Get all the insights from our two-day flagship event in the closing panel of The Future of Commerce.


35 minutes

Adam Knappy, CEO - THG Media
John Gallemore, COO - THG
Lucy Gorman, CEO - THG Beauty
Hosted by Vivek Ganotra, CEO - Ingenuity

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Join Adam Knappy, CEO of THG Media, John Gallemore, COO of THG, Lucy Gorman, CEO of THG Beauty, and Vivek Ganotra, CEO of Ingenuity as they share their insights on the market of tomorrow in the closing panel of The Future of Commerce. Watch as the panel explores:
  • Why customer experiences will form the heart of operations.
  • How our priorities will shift and change over the next 12 months.
  • Their advice for brands and marketers in digital commerce.

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This session may contain strong language.

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