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The Opportunities for Commerce Presented by Emerging Technologies

Bringing together a panel of distinguished speakers, including Michael Rochon from Rokt, Seamus O'Riordan from Coveo, and Darren Jefford from THG, with Martin Stead, our Product Development and Design Director, as the host, this webinar delves into the emerging technologies poised to shape the future of commerce.


30 minutes

Michael Rochon, Vice President, Customer Success - Rokt
Seamus O'Riordan, Vice President of Channel Partners and Strategic Alliances (EMEA) - Coveo
Darren Jefford, Director of AI & Machine Learning - THG
Hosted by Martin Stead, Product Development and Design Director - Ingenuity

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From generative AI to the dynamic world of social commerce, we uncover the trends showing the most promise for extensive breakout. What's more, you'll gain insights into where Microsoft is strategically focusing its attention for future growth.

Here, our experts share valuable strategies on how organizations can leverage these cutting-edge technologies to supercharge their ecommerce strategies, unlocking new opportunities and staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of commerce.

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This session may contain strong language.

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