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Time for a New Foundation: How Beauty Brands Can Leverage Better Connection to Customers in the Digital Era

What does the digital future hold for beauty brands? Our panel got together to share their insights and predictions.


30 minutes

Millie Kendall, CEO - British Beauty Council
Chester Scott, Global Marketing Director - THG
Paul Bonner, Group Marketing Director - THG
Hosted by Alice Harper, Managing Director - Beauty - Ingenuity

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In this webinar from The Future of Commerce, we join Ingenuity's Managing Director of Beauty, Alice Harper, as she sits down with THG's Group Marketing Director, Paul Bonner, Global Marketing Director, Chester Scott, and CEO of the British Beauty Council, Millie Kendall OBE, as they explore how the evolution of ecommerce, personalized content, omnichannel and more are changing the way beauty brands engage with their customers.

  • Why technology and personalization is so crucial for beauty brands.
  • How personalization can spark and support discovery of a brand.
  • The importance and value of the feedback loop.

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This session may contain strong language.

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