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speaker photo from an on demand FoC webinar about Winning in Social Through Data and Insight


Future of Commerce


Winning in Social Through Data and Insight

Social media is a place where brands can connect with customers, create a sense of community and loyalty, alongside being an opportunity to transact and generate revenue. But with so much noise in the digital world, how can brands win in social today?

September 21, 2023

30 min

Chris Curry, Director of Creative Performance - THG Ingenuity

George Pavlou, Head of Social - THG

Abi Cruz, Head of Social - LOOKFANTASTIC

Hosted by Jo Jeffers, Head of Strategy - THG Studios

The answer lies in adopting a strategic approach. Our experts, consisting of Chris Curry from THG Ingenuity, George Pavlou from THG, Abi Cruz from LOOKFANTASTIC, and Jo Jeffers from THG Studios, guide you through the possibilities of social media, both apparent and hidden, and provide insights into unlocking these opportunities.

This webinar dives into into the nuances of organic and paid social, exploring the critical role of strategy, data, and insight in optimizing content and achieving tangible results. On top of that, it explores how creativity and best practices can elevate your social presence.


  • Why missing out on social means missed potential.
  • The importance and nuance of voice and positioning.
  • The value of social shopfronts for connecting with consumers and driving personalization.

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This session may contain strong language.

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