The Ingenuity platform

Elysium is a highly scalable enterprise 

ecommerce platform that powers all of THG's 

own brands and THG Ingenuity's enterprise or

larger brand partners.


    Continuously improved

    Elysium is a feature rich end-to-end platform which is extremely robust in terms of the size and scale it can operate across – currently powering the performance and growth of more than 200 sites across the globe for some of the world’s largest brands.

    The platform has been designed by years of testing and data to drive continuous improvements to our technology. The platform is central to the commercial success of our own brands and is designed to drive revenue and deliver growth that will allow your business to scale rapidly across the globe.


    Extensive features for global 


    The platform has a collection of core features and proprietary integrations that deliver a seamless, global ecommerce experience. It includes everything required for us to create, merchandise, market, fulfil and rapidly scale your online brand. Elysium’s feature list is extensive comprising industry leading capabilities across:


    Core functionality

    ✓ Commerce

    ✓ Personalisation

    ✓ Digital CMS

    ✓ Our bespoke fraud engine THG Detect


    Additional services

    ✓ Performance marketing

    ✓ Ecommerce management

    ✓ Global customer support

    ✓ Warehousing and logistics

    ✓ Creative content and brand


    Extensive marketing and data

    ✓ Audience segmentation

    ✓ Loyalty programme

    ✓ A/B testing via email

    ✓ SEO content and support


    Business intelligence and data science

    ✓ Monitoring and insights

    ✓ Machine learning capabilities

    ✓ Dashboards


    Checkout functionality

    ✓ Single page checkout

    ✓ Order history

    ✓ Bundling

    ✓ Gift with purchase

    ✓ Multiple payment options and currencies

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    Global fulfilment

    ✓ Global freight across THG Air and THG freight

    ✓ Warehouse Management - via Voyager 

    ✓ Complete product creation - via THG Product and THG On Demand

    ✓ Global customer service via THG Orbit 

    ✓ Branded courier tracking and label printing via THG Delivered

    ✓ Multi-product packaging solutions - via THG Packaging


    Designed to scale

    For brands looking to internationalise on a secure and established platform, Elysium is a world class enterprise ecommerce solution powering all brands in the THG group. It has delivered consistent growth for brands over the past 16 years through its exceptional ability to scale and its robustness delivering a flawless up-time and reach.

    Key USPs

    ✓ Truly global platform offering more than 40 payment types and over 200 shipping destinations.

    ✓ The security and broad technical expertise that has been developed through building our own proprietary technology

    ✓ Extensive functionality and a design system driven by the data of some of the world's most successful online brands.

    ✓ An end-to-end solution from marketing through to fulfilment that allows you to launch an ecommerce experience at speed.


      Elysium powers our growth and now it can power yours

      We own and run some of the world’s largest brands on the Elysium platform, and its continuous improvement and performance is key to our own performance. No other ecommerce platform has this direct, symbiotic relationship, and it’s why we are so confident in its features, scalability, and security. We know it works, because Elysium is the tech stack that has powered own growth and success.

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