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Top Tips to Improve Customer Delivery Experience

With delivery and returns charges emerging as a hot topic of conversation between brands and consumers, we take a look into the expectations and realities of the delivery experience from speed of delivery to tracking capabilities and more.

January 16, 2024

5 min read

Giulia Gallo

Today, 86% of shoppers define an offer of fast delivery as two days or less, with 63% expecting to receive their deliveries within 48 hours too. Indeed, even when shipping is free, 39% of consumers are unwilling to wait more than two days.

To stay ahead of the competition, retailers are looking for ways to optimize their supply chains and accelerate fulfilment operations. Below, we share our top tips to help you improve your shoppers’ delivery experience.

Understand that fast delivery is key

Consumer expectations around delivery speed can vary by retail segment, product or location.

For example, beauty consumers expect deliveries in an average of 2.24 days, while fashion consumers look to receive their item in an average of 2.57 days. And with the advent of rapid grocery delivery (RGD), it’s no surprise that grocery consumers expect their goods in 1.23 days on average.

Retailers can create a greater impact using a segment approach to prioritize fast deliveries where they are really needed.

To do so, they can run A/B speed tests offering targeted speed promises to different consumer groups, enabling them to determine which shoppers and which items have the highest expectations around speedy delivery and create the most impactful positive experience.

Make returns easy

Returns are also a crucial part of a positive purchase journey.

While most consumers expect brands to offer free returns, the cost of reverse logistics can get expensive for retailers. Indeed, many fashion brands have started introducing fees for frequent returners in a bid to combat these costs.

However, it is possible to reduce the risk of returns ahead of time.

Accurate product descriptions featuring plenty of prominently displayed product reviews and feedback can help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions.

By providing ample product information upfront and prior to purchase, potential consumer issues can be avoided in advance.

Automated warehouse

Adopt automation technology and robotics

The implementation of robotics and automated systems within distribution centers can enhance the speed and accuracy of omnichannel order fulfilment processes.

These technologies, deployed in THG Ingenuity’s own warehouses, can reduce warehouse footprint while maximizing the inventory capacity and efficiency to ship more stock.

This enables retailers to process more orders while maintaining inventory availability for shopper orders.

Leverage inventory analytics

As retailers expand their fulfillment networks to support commerce across new channels and reach new audiences and markets, inventory management has become a more complex task.

Traditional inventory systems fail to identify the diversity in the breadth and depth of inventory, and many retailers have started to realize the shortfall of their current systems.

Bespoke analytics and digitally focused inventory tools can help to optimize inventory management to prevent inventory shortages overselling and shrinkage.

This means retailers can ensure they have the right inventory at the right time to avoid shipping delays, again creating a positive consumer experience.

Similarly, retailers can invest in a range of technologies to automate the shipping and tracking processes.

Order management systems and customer relationship management (CRM) systems are some examples, helping streamline logistics processes while ensuring that consumer data is managed and stored compliantly.

This can help brands to avoid shipping errors, save time and costs, and ultimately improve the consumer experience.

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Beyond delivery speed: consumer preferences on delivery methods

The evidence is clear: shoppers expect a fast, flexible and transparent delivery experience.

Although it can be costly for retailers to ensure quick delivery, a combination of strategies including inventory analytics and automation technologies can significantly lower the impact on their budget.

By offering multiple delivery methods, adequate return policies and optimized tracking systems, retailers can create a superior experience that will keep their consumers coming back for more.

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