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A woman pouring Bimuno supplements into her coffee


Bimuno doubles subscription rates with Ingenuity Commerce

Explore the journey that allowed the subscription-based wellness brand increase its direct-to-consumer (DTC) presence all while continuing to empower individuals to lead healthier lifestyles in this case study.


increase in revenue over three months


subscription churn rate


conversion rate

Bimuno is a subscription-based food supplement and wellness brand passionate about empowering individuals to lead healthier lifestyles through products designed to improve gut health and beyond.

Their unique, high-in-fibre prebiotic supplement has been scientifically proven to naturally feed and stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

Bimuno has been developed by Clasado Biosciences, who provide clinically proven solutions that improve and enrich the quality of people’s lives.  

Why Ingenuity Commerce?

Bimuno chose to partner with Ingenuity Commerce to increase their direct-to-consumer (DTC) presence where the brand had historically relied heavily on brick-and-mortar retail. In embracing the digital space, Bimuno aimed to target new customer acquisition and retention, with a focus on maintaining and increasing their subscriber customer base.  

Ingenuity Commerce's cross-border DTC capabilities also appealed to Bimuno’s ambitions for multi-market expansion, with a benefit of Ingenuity Commerce's solution being its ability to scale brands to international markets. The partnership gave Bimuno an ideal opportunity to achieve their goal of accelerating growth on a global scale. 

The result: +100% increase in subscribers within five months of launching on the Ingenuity Commerce platform

How to double a subscription base

Ingenuity Commerce's tailored approach to each client’s proposition meant that a dedicated trading manager was on-hand to work closely with the Bimuno ecommerce team and their chosen digital marketing agency.

This enabled a unique mix of resources to come together and implement key strategic changes across the site to drive conversion rates and optimise the customer experience. 




increase in revenue over three months*


subscription churn rate**


conversion rate***

“We are now seeing the benefits post-launch of working on the Ingenuity Commerce platform in combination with our digital marketing agency, Brave Bison; our on-site customer experience has been improved, leading to an increase in month-on-month conversion rates. Our next step with Ingenuity Commerce will be to focus on ensuring we retain and effectively reward those customers we are now bringing into the Bimuno brand on a subscription basis.”

Cathy Erwin, Head of Ecommerce at Bimuno

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*Bimuno site data taken from subscription performance report (31st March 2022 - 31st August 2022)
**Bimuno site data taken from site overview report (31st March 2022 - 31st June 2022)
***Bimuno site data taken from site overview report (September 2022)

Bimuno is a trademark of Clasado Ltd.

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