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Klean Athlete's Explosive DTC Growth with THG Commerce

Personalized bundles, frictionless journey and targeted campaigns fueled Klean Athlete's explosive DTC success. Partnering for global reach, they reduced costs and expanded across Europe.


Learn their winning formula in this case study.







The US sports nutrition market is a dynamic force, projected to reach a staggering $52.11 billion by 2032. Consumers are increasingly prioritizing health and performance, driving demand for premium, effective supplements.  

In this competitive landscape, Klean Athlete, a brand founded by athletes for athletes, sought to carve its niche and rapidly scale its direct-to-consumer (DTC) business while maintaining profitability.

The challenges

The sports nutrition brand’s existing DTC site needed a boost to keep pace with its ambitious growth goals. They sought a partner who could offer a comprehensive solution, encompassing: 

  • Speed to market to capitalize on trends and opportunities. 
  • Robust distribution network to ensure efficient product delivery. 
  • Cost-effective structure to maintain profitability through growth. 
  • Unified approach to marketing, content creation, and trading for better cohesion. 

The solutions

THG Commerce brought a full-service DTC solution to the table, focusing on key areas: 

  • Data-driven Bundles: Personalized bundles based on customer data to increase average order value (AOV) and lifetime value (LTV). 
  • Frictionless journey: Streamlined navigation and purchase experience to drive conversions and reduce cart abandonment. 
  • Strategic geo-targeting: Tailored bampaigns focused on key demographics in specific states for maximum impact and efficient ad spend. 
  • Trust-building strategies: Leveraging partnerships and brand ambassadors to solidify brand equity and consumer trust via a community of loyal athletes. 

Klean Athlete representatives said they required a partner capable of handling their business across the US and Europe. This included services like cross-border shipping and local fulfillment, areas where THG Commerce demonstrated the capabilities and experience to meet Klean Athlete's ambitious goals. 

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The results

  • +83% revenue growth, exceeding targets and showcasing the impact of the implemented strategy  
  • +71% increase in transactions year-over-year, highlighting the effectiveness of conversion optimization efforts  
  • -71% reduction in cost of sale year-over-year, demonstrating the value of a strategic partnership.
  • Improved global reach demonstrated through streamlined operations across the US and Europe with efficient cross-border shipping and local fulfilment  

Klean Athlete's journey demonstrates the power of a comprehensive DTC strategy combined with a skilled partner like THG Commerce. This case study highlights the importance of personalization, user experience optimization, targeted marketing, building trust, and partnering for success.

By implementing these ingredients and expanding their horizons, Klean Athlete achieved explosive growth, solidifying their position as a leading player in the competitive sports nutrition market. 

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