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Creating a Positive Retail Experience for Gen Z

As Gen Z’s spending power grows, retailers are increasingly looking to understand this rising consumer demographic and find ways to better connect with it. Discover more about what drives these digitally native, pragmatic consumers and what they expect from brands in our latest report.

March 15, 2023

Celeste Rivas

Long before Covid-19, retail was already undergoing a deep transformation. With big platform players growing at meteoric speeds and consumers increasingly moving to digital channels, traditional retailers were faced with the need to rethink their strategies and business models to avoid losing their place in a rapidly changing landscape.  

The pandemic accelerated this metamorphosis of the sector: as populations across the world were put in lockdown, in-store shopping became something of the past. Consumers pivoted to online channels, pushing businesses to speed up their digital transformation to keep up.  

As this transformation unfolded, retailers were also tasked with tackling another challenge: the rise of Generation Z as a key consumer population.  

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