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The Retail Outlook

2023 looks set to be a challenging year for brands. While ecommerce sales are rising, inflation remains high and many consumers are reducing their non-essential spending.


In this report, we explore the trends shaping the retail sector, so you can cater to changing consumer demands in 2023.

September 11, 2023

Discover the latest retail trends you need to know for brand success. In our latest report, ew look at the trends, events and opportunities that will shape the retail landscape in the months ahead.

The world is undergoing dramatic changes – with significant implications for the retail sector. 

Global ecommerce sales are up, set to reach $8.1 billion by 2026. But with inflation remaining high, more and more consumers are reducing their non-essential spending. 

In this challenging economic climate, how can retail businesses weather the storm and continue to win customers and grow their brand in 2023?

In The Retail Outlook, THG Ingenuity shows you how. 

In this report, we explore:

  • The rise of cost-conscious consumerism for savings-savvy shoppers. 
  • Why authenticity is essential for brand success. 
  • How the retail experience is changing for brick-and-mortar businesses. 
  • Why more and more brands are embracing the direct-to-consumer approach. 
  • How convenience is transforming customers’ brand expectations. 
  • The role of transparent and sustainable commerce in the climate crisis. 

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