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THG Society is THG Ingenuity’s 360 influencer marketing solution and home to one of the world's largest influencer networks. Our team works with brands and influencers across all sectors and territories around the globe, taking a data driven approach to influencer marketing, delivering tangible results for brands.


    Simplified influencer marketing

    THG Society encapsulates every aspect of influencer marketing, from recruitment to campaign management, through to invoicing and billing. Our experience and methodologies for influencer marketing, in combination with our award-winning proprietary influencer platform that uses predictive modelling to ensure your campaigns achieve tangible results. 

    Working with industry leading-talent from across the globe, THG Society ensures your products reach the most connected audiences through impactful influencer campaigns. By connecting companies to relevant influencers across their specific verticals and audience profiles, THG Society enables brands to promote their products or services to a relevant community increasing brand awareness and enhancing share of voice. 

    THG Society is the influencer solution behind the global growth of THG's 40+ own brands, with continued, committed investment from our parent company. Our data driven methodologies and tried and tested processes have enabled our brands to reach customers across the globe, transforming them into market leaders. 

    Our teams take the time and resource challenges of running cross market influencer campaigns away from your brand, ofering a 360 solution from campaign design, creation, execution right through to reporting and payments. 

    Later in 2021 our proprietary platform will be offered to brands as a SaaS solution, giving you the opportunity to connect with influencers in one centralised location, devlier your campaign and ensure all activity is tracked and reported on, delivering visible results. 


    Deliver and track influencer campaigns with tangible results


    Connect to industry leading influencers


    Promote product and services to a relevant community


    Expand share of voice


    Increase brand awareness


    Simplify all procurement and billing in one place


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    THG Society has key expertise across the fashion, beauty, wellness and luxury 



    For Influencers

    THG Society is for all influencers who want to be part of a bigger network of creators, expanding their knowledge of best practise influencer activity and broadening their network of brand relationships.


    For Brands

    THG Society enables clients to create and deliver influencer campaigns through a simplified process of influencer research, recruitment and campaign management. 

    THG Society is delivered as a managed service as part of THG Ingenuity’s end-to-end ecommerce solution with the Society team taking care of all influencer marketing requirements. The platform will also be offered as a SaaS platform if a self-managed route is preferred in the near future. 

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